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He aha ka mea hou?
What's up? (What is the new thing?)
ʻAʻohe mea hou.
Nothing. (There is nothing new.)
Māluhiluhi ʻoe?
Are you tired?
ʻAe, ʻano māluhiluhi nō.
Yes, sort of. (Not just ʻae ʻano)
He aha kou pilikia?
What's wrong with you? (What is your problem?)
ʻEha koʻu wāwae.
I have a sore foot. (My foot is sore.)
He aha ka pilikia o kona kaʻa?
What is the problem with his car? (o kona ... not me kona ...)
ma Hawaiʻi nei
here in Hawaiʻi
i ka Poʻahā, lā ʻumi o Mei
on Thursday, the tenth of May
E kali mai ʻoe iaʻu.
Wait for me. (iaʻu not noʻu)