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Ratio of market-rate to affordable housing units for COAH 3rd round rules obligation
Ratio of jobs created to affordable housing units for COAH 3rd round rules obligation
As measured by new or expanded non-residential construction
% cap on development fees (as a source of funding for an RCA) in COAH 3rd round
1% (for residential development)
2% for non-residential development

The development fee ordinance requires COAH review
COAH 3rd Round "Growth Share" Methodology Requirements (consistent w/ SDRP)
Affordable housing must be provided (in appropriate locations) in proportion to overall residential and non-residential growth
"Affordable housing" homeowners pay what % of gross income on housing costs?
"Affordable housing" renters pay what % of gross income on housing costs, including base rent and utilities?
What % of all affordable rental units must be affordable to households earning 35% or less of median income?
At least 10%
What components comprise the municipal affordable housing obligation (1987-2014)?
The obligation is cumulative:
- Rehabilitation share (2000)
- Prior round obligation (1987-1999)
- Growth share (1999-2014)
What is the objector period for filing an objection to a COAH housing element?
45 days from publication of legal notice in newspaper with countywide circulation
What is a certificate of occupancy (CO)?
A procedure (by a building inspector) to ensure that apartments meet code standards before they are rented
What is a regional contribution agreement (RCA)?
A contractual arrangement between a sending municipality and a receiving municipality for up to 50% of the sender's COAH fair share obligation of affordable housing ($35,000 per unit)
What is a "housing element"?
That portion of a municipality's MP, consisting of reports, statements, proposals, maps, diagrams and text, designed to meet the municipality's fair share of the region's present and prospective housing needs, particularly with regard to low- and moderate-income housing
Length of time after COAH approval that a municipality must adopt the appropriate housing element amendments, fair share plan implementing ordinance, and/or other ordinances necessary to meet COAH conditions
45 Days
What is the "Fair Share"?
The number of low-and moderate-income housing units, calculated using a formula prescribed by the State Supreme Coart (Mt Laurel II), that a municipality must strive to create within a specific Certification period
What is a "Fair Share Plan"?
A form that may be readily converted into an ordinance by which a municipality proposes to satisfy its obligation to create a realistic opportunity to meet the low- and moderate- income housing need of its region, and which details the affirmative measures the municipality proposes to undertake to achieve its fair share of as provided in Sections 9 and 14 of the Fair Housing Act