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1 1L 1L / 1R and overwing exits (If #2 and #3 F/A are NOT onboard)

2 Crew Rest Area* Overwing Exit(s) and 2L / 2R (If #3 F/A NOT onboard)

3 Crew Rest Area* 2R / 2L
What is the address for NJLA in CT.?
130 Signature Way, East Granby,
CT 06026.
Located at a Signature FBO
What are some of the Duties and Responsibilities of the Lead Flight Attendant?
Provides leadership, direction, and assistance to cabin crewmembers. Planning safety and service procedures for the flight; conducting thorough
briefings; assigning flight attendant roles during the flight; and ensuring
that all service elements promote onboard passenger satisfaction.
The LEAD Flight Attendant is the primary liaison between the PIC and all
other flight attendants. The LEAD Flight Attendant will ensure the PIC is
informed of all onboard emergencies, irregular issues, passenger concerns,
and cabin discrepancies.
The LEAD Flight Attendant, or their designee, will serve as the onboard
service representative that promotes prompt passenger boarding and ontime
departures. The LEAD Flight Attendant will coordinate with the PIC,
Crew Planning, and any station operations manager, logistics, and
How many hours prior to flight after giving blood?
Crew members shall not donate blood within a 72-hour period prior to
How many hours prior to duty since scuba diving?
Flight crew members shall not participate in scuba diving within a 24-
hour period prior to going on duty.
When should a taxi be used?
Taxis should be used for trips that are 0–22 miles.
How many hours does an ELT last?
Each Emergency Locator Transmitter will last up to 50 hours,
so use only one at a time.
How many oxygen masks are on the BBJ
32 O2 Ports – also 66 masks
located in ceiling compartments above each passenger seat