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Continued proliferation of the cervical loop toward the apical region of dental papilla will form what structure?
Hertwigs Epithelial Root Sheath
What two layers of cells make up Hertwigs Epithelial Root Sheath (HERS)?
Inner dental epithelium
Outer dental epithelium
What are two functions performed by HERS?
1) Induces superficial cells of dental papilla to differentiate into odontoblasts

2) Defines shape of root
How are multi-rooted teeth formed?
Via mitotic activity in HERS
What are ridges of epithelium that proliferate centrally, fuse near the midline of tooth, and induce ondontoblast differentiation?
Epithelial Diaphragms
Where will the partially degenerated root sheath persist throughout life?
It will persist within the periodontal ligament
What are remnants of Hertwigs Root Sheath which appear as clusters of epithelial cells?
Epithelial Rests of Malassez
What initiates cementogensis?
When mesenchymal cells of the dental follicle contact the root surface.
What will the mesenchymal cells differentiate into when they contact the root surface?

(round nuclei, inconspicuous cytoplasm)
What is an amorphous hypermineralized layer of dentin on the outer root surface?
Hyalin Layer of Hopewell Smith
Where is this layer derived?
Dental follicle
Prior to full mineralization of this layer, what is the action of cementoblasts?
cementoblasts will insert cell processes into this layer and deposit collagen at 90 degree angles.
Uncalcified cementum matrix produced by cementoblasts
What other products are secreted into cementoid by cementum?
Bone sialoprotein
What surface of the root is covered by primary cementum?
coronal 2/3
What is formed when fibroblasts from PDL insert collagen fibers into primary cementum?
Sharpey's Fibers
Additional cementum that is produced when the tooth reaches occlusion is called?
Secondary cementum
Where is secondary cementum deposited?
Apical 1/3 of root, interradicular regions
In comparison to primary cementum is secondary cementum production faster or slower?
Why is secondary cementum prodution faster than primary cementum production?
cementoblasts secrete matrix vesicles instead of inserting cell processes
What arrangement is secondary cementum in relation to root surface?
Cementoblasts trapped in lacunae of mineralizing matrix are called
Do cementocytes communicate with one another due to cell processes in lacunae?
Cementum with cementocytes that continues to form with reorganization of the PDL is called
Cellular cementum
Where is cellular cementum found?
Apical 1/3 of root
Interradicular areas
What is an interradicular area?
Area at furcation point of roots