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KeynotesQ: Tired, oppressed sensation in chest
KeynotesA: Ammonium Carbonicum
KeynotesQ: Insomnia, sleep disturbed by palpitations
KeynotesA: Aurum Muriaticum
KeynotesQ: Palpitations wake the patient at night
KeynotesA: Aurum Muriaticum
KeynotesQ: Insomnia, sleep disturbed by palpitations
KeynotesA: Aurum Muriaticum
KeynotesQ: Enlarged tonsils & cervical glands, < right
KeynotesA: Baryta Muriatica
KeynotesQ: Chronic or acute inflammation of tonsils w/ great swelling
KeynotesA: Baryta Muriatica
KeynotesQ: Aneurysm
KeynotesA: Baryta Muriatica
KeynotesQ: Asthma in sailors which is worse on leaving the sea
KeynotesA: Bromium
KeynotesQ: Swelling & induration of glands w/stony hardness
KeynotesA: Bromium
KeynotesQ: Large stony, hard glands
KeynotesA: Bromium
KeynotesQ: Worse heat
KeynotesA: Bromium
KeynotesQ: Worse summer
KeynotesA: Bromium
KeynotesQ: Better at ocean
KeynotesA: Bromium
KeynotesQ: Hoarseness & tickling cough from being over heated
KeynotesA: Bromium
KeynotesQ: Colitis with bloating, fermentation and belching
KeynotesA: Ferrum Iodatum
KeynotesQ: Desires sardines or salty fish
KeynotesA: Ferrum Iodatum
KeynotesQ: High fever
KeynotesA: Ferrum Iodatum
KeynotesQ: Domineering, materialistic, sexual preoccupation
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Lascivious thoughts
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Excessive sexual desire, promiscuity
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Hurried
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Extremely warm, worse heat
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Coryza, copious watery DC
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Falling of hair, alopecia areata
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Varicose veins, often painful
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Distortion or weakness of the nails
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Feet hot and must be uncovered
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Migratory arthritis
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Cold sensation in the teeth
KeynotesA: Fluoricum Acidum
KeynotesQ: Hurried, nervous and restless
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Violent Impulses
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Compulsive Neuroses
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Better motion and exertion
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Worse fasting and better eating
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Warmest remedies
KeynotesA: Iodum, Secale
KeynotesQ: Worse heat and better cold or cold bathing
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Worse if impulse for activity is restrained
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Insatiable ravenous appetite/eating voraciously
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Emaciation despite voracious appetite
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Goitre
KeynotesA: Iodum, Kali iodatum
KeynotesQ: Exopthalmos in hyperthyroidism
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Allergy and hay fever
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Atrophy of sexual orgA
KeynotesA: Iodum
KeynotesQ: Warm blooded
KeynotesA: Kali Iodatum, Kali nitricum
KeynotesQ: Feels singled out for divine wrath
KeynotesA: Kali Bromatum
KeynotesQ: Excessive Religiosity
KeynotesA: Kali Bromatum
KeynotesQ: Paranoia
KeynotesA: Kali Bromatum
KeynotesQ: Wringing of the hands, restless
KeynotesA: Kali Bromatum
KeynotesQ: Night terrors
KeynotesA: Kali Bromatum
KeynotesQ: Acne
KeynotesA: Kali Bromatum
KeynotesQ: Worse at night & 5AM
KeynotesA: Kali Iodatum
KeynotesQ: Allergic Rhinitis
KeynotesA: Kali Iodatum
KeynotesQ: Recurring sinusitis w/pain through face
KeynotesA: Kali Iodatum
KeynotesQ: Recurring pneumonia
KeynotesA: Kali Iodatum
KeynotesQ: Severe sciatica worse lying on affected side
KeynotesA: Kali Iodatum
KeynotesQ: Tremendous restlessness
KeynotesA: Arsenicum Iodatum
KeynotesQ: Warm blooded
KeynotesA: Kali Nitricum, Kali iodatum
KeynotesQ: Desire fat
KeynotesA: Kali Nitricum
KeynotesQ: Asthma 3AM, must sit up
KeynotesA: Kali Nitricum
KeynotesQ: Severe dyspnea unable to drink due to SOB
KeynotesA: Kali Nitricum
KeynotesQ: Globus Hystericus (Asafoetida, Ignatia, Lach)
KeynotesA: Nat Mur
KeyWordQ: Psychotic finger biting
KeyWordA: Ammonium Bromatum
KeyWordQ: Exhaustion without symptoms
KeyWordA: Ammonium Carbonicum
KeyWordQ: Left sided sciatica worse sitting
KeyWordA: Ammonium Muriaticum
KeyWordQ: Hot, More restless than Ars
KeyWordA: Arsenicum Iodatum
KeyWordQ: Sexual Baryta carbonica
KeyWordA: Baryta Muriatica
KeyWordQ: Hot, better at sea
KeyWordA: Bromium
KeyWordQ: Laryngospasm
KeyWordA: Chlorum
KeyWordQ: Obese, colitis
KeyWordA: Ferrum Iodatum
KeyWordQ: Warm sepia
KeyWordA: Natrum Chloratum
KeyWordQ: Skin and arthritis
KeyWordA: Radium Bromatum
SankaranEssenceQ: Deeper relationships & disappointments
SankaranEssenceA: Chlorides (Muriaticum)
DelusionsQ: Under the bed is an enemy
DelusionsA: Ammonium Muriaticum
DelusionsQ: Head is surrounded by fire
DelusionsA: Ammonium Muriaticum
DelusionsQ: Repudiated by relatives
DelusionsA: Argentum Nitricum, Hura
DelusionsQ: Falling walls
DelusionsA: Argentum Nitricum, Lyssinum, Cannabis indica
DelusionsQ: Work will do him harm
DelusionsA: Argentum Nitricum (2)
DelusionsQ: He is lost to the world beyond hope
DelusionsA: Argentum Nitricum (2)
DelusionsQ: Corners of house project & he will hit them
DelusionsA: Argentum Nitricum
DelusionsQ: Time passes too slowly
DelusionsA: Cannabis Indica (3), Arg Nitr (2), Alumina (2)
DelusionsQ: While walking will have a fit or die
DelusionsA: Argentum Nitricum (2)
DelusionsQ: Thinks she will have a fit & walks faster
DelusionsA: Argentum Nitricum
DelusionsQ: That he has every disease
DelusionsA: Aurum Muriaticum (2), Stramonium
DelusionsQ: Walks on knees
DelusionsA: Baryta Muriatica, Baryta Carbonica
DelusionsQ: Want
DelusionsA: Sulphur, Calcarea fluorica
DelusionsQ: Sees figures, hurled bottle at
DelusionsA: Chlorum, Chloralum
DelusionsQ: Repulsive fantastic imagination
DelusionsA: Fluoric Acid (2)
DelusionsQ: Saw police come into house
DelusionsA: Kali Bromatum, Hyoscyamus
DelusionsQ: Brother fell overboard in her sight
DelusionsA: Kali Bromatum
DelusionsQ: About to commit a crime
DelusionsA: Kali Bromatum, Kali Bichromicum (2)
DelusionsQ: Eat she must not
DelusionsA: Kali Muriaticum
DelusionsQ: He must starve
DelusionsA: Kali Muriaticum, Kali chloricum
DelusionsQ: Someone reading after her which makes her read faster
DelusionsA: Magnesia Muriatica (Maggie M)
DelusionsQ: Rocks in air
DelusionsA: Magnesia Muriatica
DelusionsQ: Thieves - frightened, after a dream & must search for them
DelusionsA: Natrum Muriaticum
DelusionsQ: Looks wretched when looks in mirror
DelusionsA: Natrum Muriaticum, Tuberculinum
DelusionsQ: Dead mother
DelusionsA: Natrum Muriaticum, Lachesis
DelusionsQ: Elevated in air
DelusionsA: Nitric Acid
FearsQ: Borax
FearsA: DOWNWARD MOTION(#1), Falling, Bridges, Infection
FearsQ: Bromium
FearsA: Ghosts, Alone, Dark, Stroke, Opposition, Failure, Anticipation, Water (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 519), Criticism (GAD, SOFA in WC!)
FearsQ: Iodum
FearsA: Disasters (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 661), Narrow spaces, Heights, Failure, Performance, Show, Speeches (DNH FPSS)
FearsQ: Natrum Arsenicosum
FearsA: Alone(3), Thieves(3), Disease, Health, Cancer(Scholten, H&tE, pg. 238)
FearsQ: Natrum Carbonicum
FearsA: People, Robbers (Scholten, HaM, pg. 47)
FearsQ: Natrum Muriaticum
FearsA: ROBBERS, CLAUSTROPHOBIA, Dark, Storms, Insects
FearsQ: Natrum Phosphoricum
FearsA: Dark, Storms, Insects, Death, Illness, Dark
FoodCravingsQ: Bromium
FoodCravingsA: Chocolate (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 519)
FoodCravingsQ: Iodum
FoodCravingsA: Starch, Large amounts, Alcohol, Meat (Scholten, H&tE, pg, 662) (SLAM)
FoodCravingsQ: Ammonium Carbonicum
FoodCravingsA: Coffee(2), Chocolate(2), Sweet, Sour, Tobacco (Scholten: Homeopathy and Minerals, pg. 138) (CCSST)
FoodCravingsQ: Ammonium Muriaticum
FoodCravingsA: Coffee(2), Chocolate(3), Sweet, Sour, Tobacco (Scholten, H&M, Pg 142) (CCSST)
FoodCravingsQ: Boron
FoodCravingsA: APPLES, Pears, Potatoes, Sweet, Cheese, Bread (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 158)
FoodCravingsQ: Natrum Arsenicosum
FoodCravingsA: Sweet, Sour, Vinegar, Fruit, Lemon, Refreshing, Mustard, Spices, Milk, Coffee, Warm food, Fat, Salt, Fish, Starch, drinks small sips (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 238)
FoodCravingsQ: Natrum Carbonicum
FoodCravingsA: Potatoes, Sweets, Milk
FoodCravingsQ: Natrum Muriaticum
FoodCravingsA: SALT (#1), SOUR, Lemon, Beer, Toast, Milk, Fish, Cheese
FoodCravingsQ: Natrum Phosphoricum
FoodCravingsA: FRIED EGGS (#1), SALT, Eggs, Spicy, Fish, Ice cream
FoodCravingsQ: Natrum Sulphuricum
FoodCravingsA: YOGURT (#1), Fish, Ice
FoodAversionsQ: Bromium
FoodAversionsA: Milk, Onion (Scholten, H&tE, pg 519)
FoodAversionsQ: Ammonium Carbonicum
FoodAversionsA: Meat (Scholten, H&M, pg. 138)
FoodAversionsQ: Ammonium Muriaticum
FoodAversionsA: Meat (Scholten, H&M, pg. 142)
FoodAversionsQ: Boron
FoodAversionsA: Lettuce, Fruit, Meat, Vegeatables
FoodAversionsQ: Natrum Arsenicosum
FoodAversionsA: Fat, Meat, Fish, Starch, Salt
FoodAversionsQ: Natrum Carbonicum
FoodAversionsA: MILK (Lac Deflor)
FoodAversionsQ: Natrum Muriaticum
FoodAversionsA: FAT, RICH, SLIMY, CHICKEN, bread, Salt, Milk
FoodAversionsQ: Natrum Phosphoricum
FoodAversionsA: Salt, Fish
FoodAversionsQ: Natrum Sulphuricum
FoodAversionsA: Yogurt
TemperatureA: Very Warm
TemperatureQ: BROMIUM
TemperatureA: Warm
TemperatureA: Warm
TemperatureQ: KALI IODATUM
TemperatureA: Warm
TemperatureQ: NITRIC ACID
TemperatureA: Very Chilly
SleepPosnQ: Magnesia Muriatica
SleepPosnA: Left side
SleepPosnQ: Natrum Muriaticum
SleepPosnA: Left side
ComplementsQ: Argtentum Nitricum
ComplementsA: Lycopodium, Phosphorous
ComplementsQ: Fluoric Acid
ComplementsA: Silica
ComplementsQ: Natrum Muriaticum
ComplementsA: Bryonia, Apis, Ignatia, Lycopodium, Sepia (BAILS)
ComplementsQ: Nitric Acid
ComplementsA: Lachesis, Arsenicum, Calcarea Carb (LAC)
ContraindicationsQ: Likes the sun
ContraA: Natrum Muriaticum
ContraindicationsQ: Nothing w/salt and unaffected by sun
ContraA: Natrum Muriaticum
ImportantRubricsQ: Aggravated by sweets
ImportantRubricsA: China, Ign, Arg Nitr (CIA)
ImportantRubricsQ: Anxiety about health
ImportantRubricsA: Phos, Kali Ars, Nitr Acid
ImportantRubricsQ: Aversion to sex
ImportantRubricsA: Nat Mur, Sepia, Caust (Na SeCs)
ImportantRubricsQ: Bulimia
ImportantRubricsA: Lycopodium, Ignatia, Natrum muriaticum, NAT SULPH (LINN)
ImportantRubricsQ: Better eating
ImportantRubricsA: Iodum, Anacardium
ImportantRubricsQ: Crave Fat
ImportantRubricsA: Tuberculinum, Nitric Acid, Nux V, Medhorrinum, Sulph, Hepar (TNN MeSH)
ImportantRubricsQ: Fear of fainting
ImportantRubricsA: Arg Nitr, Lac Caninum
ImportantRubricsQ: Genital Herpes
ImportantRubricsA: Nat Mur, Petroselinum, Rhus T, Med, Sepia, Nitr Ac, Thuja (NPR MSN T)
ImportantRubricsQ: Globus Hystericus
ImportantRubricsA: Nat Mur, Asafoetida, Ignatia, Lachesis (NAIL)
ImportantRubricsQ: HA from eye strain
ImportantRubricsA: Ruta (#1), Nat Mur
ImportantRubricsQ: HA after grief
ImportantRubricsA: Nat Mur, Staph
ImportantRubricsQ: HA, Right sided
ImportantRubricsA: Sang, Prunus, Chel, Nat Mur, Bell, Ran Bulb (SPC NBR)
ImportantRubricsQ: HA worse sun
ImportantRubricsA: Bell, Apis, Nat Mur, Glon (BANG)
ImportantRubricsQ: Hottest remedies
ImportantRubricsA: Iodum, Secale
ImportantRubricsQ: Osgood-Schlatters Disease
ImportantRubricsA: Nat Mur, Calc Phos
ImportantRubricsQ: Phantom Pain
ImportantRubricsA: Hypericum, Allium Cepia (#1), Staphysagria, Ammonium Muriaticum, Asafoetida (HAS AA)
ImportantRubricsQ: Irritability before menses
ImportantRubricsA: Nat mur, Lach, Nux vomica, Sepia, Chamomilla (NL NSC)
ImportantRubricsQ: Palpitations lying left side
ImportantRubricsA: Nat Mur, Lach, Phos, Psor, Caust, Puls (NLP PCP)
ImportantRubricsQ: Predicts time of death
ImportantRubricsA: Arg Nitr, Acon
ImportantRubricsQ: Fear of robbers
ImportantRubricsA: Ars, Natr Mur
ImportantRubricsQ: Splinter in throat
ImportantRubricsA: Nat Mur, Arg Nitr, Hepar, Nitr Acid, Kali Carb
ImportantRubricsQ: Psoriasis
ImportantRubricsA: Arsenicum iodatum (3), Lycopodium (3), Phytolacca (3), Sepia (3) (ALPS)
ImportantRubricsQ: Right shoulder pain
ImportantRubricsA: Sanguinaria, Chelidonium, Ferrum Mur
ImportantRubricsQ: Ritualistic
ImportantRubricsA: Causticum, Iodum, Syphilinum, Tuberculinum, Ratanhia, Rhus Tox (CISTRR, sister)
ImportantRubricsQ: Sciatica
ImportantRubricsA: Tellurium, Iodum, Calc carb, Kali Iod, Lachesis, Rhus Tox, Kali Carb (TICKLR K)
ImportantRubricsQ: Splinter in throat
ImportantRubricsA: Hepar, Arg Nitr, Nitr Acid, Kali Carb, Nat Mur (HANK N)
ImportantRubricsQ: Suicidal but not able to do it
ImportantRubricsA: Cimicifuga, Nux, Nitr Acid (CNN)
ImportantRubricsQ: Superstitiousness
ImportantRubricsA: Zinc, Conium, Arg Nitr, Rhus Tox, Stram (Z CARS)
ImportantRubricsQ: Symptoms evaporate in front of you (prescriber)
ImportantRubricsA: Nat Mur, Cann Indica
ImportantRubricsQ: Thirst for ice cold drinks
ImportantRubricsA: Sulph, Phos, Nat Mur
ImportantRubricsQ: Totally Unexpected Death
ImportantRubricsA: Calcarea Fluorica
ImportantRubricsQ: Warts on the face
ImportantRubricsA: Caust, Nitr Acid
ImportantRubricsQ: Wax and wane with the day
ImportantRubricsA: Nat Mur, Glon, Spig, Stan, Sang (NG SSS)
ImportantRubricsQ: Weep from music
sImportantRubricsA: Graphites, Nat Mur, Nat Carb (GNN)