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medium needs?
gm -
needs CO2 on medium - Thayer Martin distinguishes between pathogenic neisseria and nonpathogenic neisseria
encapsulated N. meningitidis vs. gonnorrhaeae
Meningitidis is encapsulated gonnorrhaeae is not

capsule is polysaccharide, determines serogroup, and anti-phagocytic
characteristics of N. meningitidis capsule
defines sertotypes, antiphagocytic - type B capsule is made of gialic acid and is not recognized by C3b
smooth vs. rough colonies for N. meningitidis determines
virulence - smooth = virulent
has IgA protease
both neisseria
caused by N. meningitidis causes adrenal failure and circulatory collapse
waterhouse-frederichsen syndrome
Patechiae and neurological symptoms is a sign of
meningococcal meningitis
diagnosis of N. meningitiss
culture exmaination
latex agglutination
sugar fermentation
does N. Meningitidis have LPS
no - LOS

lipid-oligosaccharide - no O side chains. still endotoxic
treatment for N. meningitidis
intravenous penicillin, 3rd generation cephalosporins,
prophalaxis for N. meningitidis
treatment for gonoccus
ceftriaxone (cephalosporin) w/ tetracycline
(pt most likely has chlymidia)
outer membrane pili - all neisseria have

but it is particular important neisseria gonnrrhoea
ophthalmia neonatorum
caused by gonococcus
the capsule is the main virulence factor in meningococcalus what about in gonococcus
two disseminated diseases caussed by gonococcus
arthritis, dermatitis syndrome

Pelvic inflammatory disease
diagnosis of gonococcus
1. smears grm- stain w/in PMNs
2. colonis with oxidase + and gm -
3. sugar fermentation
glucose fermentation?
oxidase positive
ferments gluose
thayer Martin contain
Chocolate agar - (pathogenic neisseria need blood, nonpathogenic neisseria do not)

vancomycin inhibits Gm +
Colistan inhibits Gm -
nystaint inhibits fungus

non-pathogenic neisseria will not grow here
how do you tell the difference between gonococcus and meningococcus
sugar fermentaiton
menin - glucose and mannose
gonoco - glucose
nonpathogenic - all sugars except sucrose
N. gonnorrhoea can be found inside what cells
epithelial cells and phagocytic cells (PMNs)