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Tampa Bay Buccaneers
NFC South
Kansas City Chiefs
AFC West
Denver Broncos
AFC West
Sandiego Chargers
AFC West
Oakland Raiders
AFC West
Dallas Cowboys
NFC East
Atlanta Falcons
NFC South
New Orleans Saints
NFC South
Carolina Panthers
NFC South
Philadelphia Eagles
NFC East
Washington Redskins
NFC East
New York Giants
NFC East
Arizona Cardinals
NFC West
Seattle Seahawks
NFC West
St. Louis Rams
NFC West
San Franciso 49ers
NFC West
Chicago Bears
NFC North
Detroit Lions
NFC North
Green Bay Packers
NFC North
Minnesota Vikings
NFC North
New England Patriots
AFC East
New York Jets
AFC East
Miami Dolphins
AFC East
Buffalo Bills
AFC East
Pittsburg Steelers
AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals
AFC North
Cleveland Browns
AFC North
Baltimore Ravens
AFC North
Houston Texans
NFC South
NFC South
Tennessee Titans
AFC South
Jacksonville Jaguars
AFC South
Denver Wide Receivers
Rod Smith
Javon Walker
Denver Running Back
Tatem Bell
Mike Bell
Denver Tight End
Steven Alexander
Denver Offensive Line
Paul Neiland- Center
Adam Medows
Cooper Carlisle
Ben Hamilton
Eric Peirs
Denver Corner Back
Champ Bailey
Derrant Williams
Denver Line Backers
Al Wilson
DJ Williams
Ian Gold
Denver defensive lineman
Kenard Lang
Micheal Meyers
Gerard Warren
Ebenezer Ekuban
Denver Safety
Nick Ferguson-orig. strong
Curome Cox- Stong Safety
John Lynch- Free Safety
Denver Full back
Kyle Johnson
Dallas Tight End
Jason Whitten
Dallas Wide Receivers
Terry Glenn
Terrel Owens
Patrick Crayton
Dallas Running Back
Julius Jones
Marion Barber
Dallas Offensive Line
Flozel Adams
Mark Columbo
Mark Oliviera
Andre Gurode-Center
Kyle Cosier
Dallas Full Back
Oliver Hoyt
Dallas Corner Back
Terrence Newman
Anthony Henry
Dallas Defensive Linemen
Chris Canty
Jason Ferguson
Marcus Spears
Dallas Linebackers
Demarcus Ware
Akin Ayodele
Brady James
Al Singleton
Dallas Safety
Roy Williams
Keith Davis
New England Wide Receivers
Troy Brown
Reche Caldwell
New England Running Back
Corey Dillon
New England Full back
Heath Evans
New England Tight Ends
Benjamin Watson
Daniel Graham
New England Offensive Line
Ryan Callahan- right tackle
Steve Neal
Dan Copen-Center
Logan Mankins
Matt Light
New England Corner Back
Asantay Samuels
Ellis Hobbs
New England Safety
Eugene Wilson
Rodney Harrison-injured strong
New England Defensive Lineman
Ty Warren
Vince Wilfork
Richard Seymore
New England Linebackers
Mike Vrabel
Teddy Bruski
Don Davis
Rousevelt Coleman