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What are the four major NFGNB?
(1) Pseudomonas aeruginosa
(2) Stenotrophomonas maltophila
(3) Acinetobacter
(4) Burkholderia cepecia
NFGNB's special niche:
(1) Where can they grow?
(2) Mech of resistance
(3) Mutation
(1) diverse areas of hospital
(2) imperm outer memb, efflux pumps
(3) rapidly mutate or acquire genetic material
When NFGNB is isolated, what is the first and most important thing you should do?
Identify whether an infection is present (vs. colonization)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa:
(1) common cause of mortality in which pts?
(2) often in assoc w/ what environ?
(3) pathogenesis/virulence
(4) treatment
(1) hospitalized, chronic lung disease
(2) water - hottub folliculitis!
(3) LPS = shock,
toxins = tissue damage,
slime = difficult eradication
(4) inherently resistant to B-lactams, etc. -- use macrolides w/ aminoglycoside
Pseudomonas aeruginosa:
Major infections (6)
(1) ventilater pneumonia
(2) catheter bacteremia
(3) UTI
(4) post-op wound infection
(5) burn/neutropenic bacteremia
(6) CF lung infection

*** bacteremic ecthyma gangrenosum - armpit PA, necrotic lesions
Stenotrophomonas maltophila:
(1) classic pt
(2) pathogensis
(3) treatment
(1) carbapenems, malignancy, ICU, catheters
(2) not many virulence factors
(3) trimethoprim-sulfa (resistant to B-lactam)
Stentrophomonas maltophila:
Major infections (4)
(1) catheter bacteremia
(2) ventilator pneumonia
(3) skin/soft-tissue infection
(4) nosocomial meningitis
Acinetobacter (baumanni):
(1) where are outbreaks?
(2) classic pt
(3) pathogenesis
(4) treatment
(1) nosocomial (soldier hospitals in Iraq)
(2) ICU, broad-spec antibiotics, catheter
(3) not many virulence factors
(4) sulbactam
Acinetobacter (baumanni):
Major infections (4)
(1) ventilator pneumonia
(2) catheter bacteremia
(3) skin/soft-tissue infection
(4) intra-abd infection
Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC):
(1) usu pts
(2) major infections
(3) pathogenesis
(4) treatment
(1) CF, chronic granulomatous disease (CGD)
(2) CF = lung infection,
CGD = necrotizing pneumonia/bacteremia
(3) LPS = inflamm, biofilm = persistance, host factors
(4) big prb b/c inherently resistant