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Aristotlle divided motion into two sections. Name and describe them. (1)
1. Natural Motion (up and down)
2. Violent Motion (left and right)
Galileo described force as ___ and friction as ___ (1)
push and pull
force acting between two materials
Does mass have an effect on inertia? (1)
yes more mass= more inertia
1kg= X pounds= Y newtons (1)
x= 2.2
If someone is pushing the box with 90 and you are pushing the opposite way on the box with 120 what is its force? (1)
Define equilibrium (1)
equilibrium is the state that something has the net force in
What force besides gravity is acting on a book resting on a table. (1)
9.8 supporting force
A coin comes down in your hand when you throw it up in a plane because you have equal ___ (1)
horizontal pull
what is terminal speed? (2)
when an object has a net force of zero and the acceleration is 0
acceleration= (2)
change in velocity/ time
what affects motion? (2)