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Why are human interest stories written?
To get you excited about a topic.
Why are newspapers written?
To inform,
it happened close by,
the size of the event or people effected,
it can be seen with your eyes,
people shoud know right away,
moving toward a goal,
do not know how it will end,
get you excited about the strory
What does oddity mean?
bizarre, unusual, extraordinary
What does conflict mean?
problem, war, disagreement
What does progress mean?
Moving toward a goal
What does suspense mean?
Readers want to know how the event will turn out.
What does immediacy mean?
People should know right away.
What does magnitude mean?
The event is really big or the number of people harmes is really large.
What does prominence mean?
It can be seen with your eyes. It stands out.
What does proximity mean?
The event happened close to where I live.
What are the seven sections of the newspaper?
Front Page Section
Easy Bay
Rhode Island
Which sections of the newspaper do not have local news articles?
Front Page
World and Nation (sub-section)