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an instruction manual that will help you master the tools of the writer's trade
The following form or forms of writing have an internal structure and a basic template you can use:
news writing, public relations press releases, and advertising copy.
You should build a good vocabulary through:
reading widely
, when writing a news story, you should consider your:
According to the chapter, when you can't think of something to say or write -
you DON'T have writer's block
In "Swimming is good excercise", swimming is a:
Hoisting her protest sign above her head, the demonstrator marched defiantly toward city hall."

The beginning of this sentence is a:
In the sentence -
"The candidate needs to win."

the phrase "to win" is a
The governor vetoed the budget bill.
Between you and I, or between you and me?
Between you and me
The number of skateboarding accidents has increased
department of communications
not capitalized
unproved action
entering a building and remaining unlawfully with the intention of committing a crime
a watercraft of any size, but usually means a small craft.
to threaten violence
Citizenship versus Residency
citizenship--rights of state, U.S., resident of city
Drugs or medications?
Medication used--drugs has bad connotation
Each other versus one another
Each other: two
One another: more than two

If indefinite, either is appropriate
Master of ceremonies or emcee?
Master of Ceremonies
Farther vs. Further
farther: physical distance
further: extension of time or degree
to make long speeches to obstruct passage of legislation--the person who does it is also a filibuster
before eighteen years old
people take hikes, people INCREASE prices
BYU embezzles how much from student accounts?
Provo TAG program curbs
In order for the state of Utah to gain a 4th seat in D.C. (the House of Representatives), a bill would have to pass that also gave a seat in the House of Representatives to:
The District of Columbia
According to a study, global warming:
could aversely affect the ski resorts in Utah
When talking about a Renaissance for downtown Provo, the article refers to the recently completed:
Wells Fargo Building
In an article about how the freeze is affecting multiple parts of the nation, the article points out that one of the challenges involved a cow freezing to the ground. The article pointed out that cows can get sweaty.
In an article about cold medications and babies, the article observed that _______ children under the age of 2 had to go the emergency rooms nationwide in 2005 because of improper use of cold medications.
When several families dropped their teenage girls off at the Provo library and drove away, they were surprised to learn that the library was closed because of:
When the director of the Provo library was describing what had happened to close the library, he used the following quote:
Under a proposed bill listed in the legislative actions section on Thursday, Utah minors would need their parental consent in order to:
to get a tan
When the Provo City Council lowered the fees for those who play golf on Sundays, the article pointed out that it was controversial because:
the golf course is open on Sundays, while the city closes its swimming pool on Sundays because of the prevailing feelings of community members about Sundays.
The golf course, which is funded by taxpayer dollars, is
losing money
One of the teen-driving proposals in the Utah legislature this year would require that, before teenagers could get a driving license, they would have to:
write a report about a teen who died in a car accident
The school club bill that was proposed in the Utah legislature would require that:
only teachers (not parents) could serve as advisors for school clubs
If Senate Bill SB70 passes, then Utah Valley State College could become a university that grants master's degrees by the following date:
July 1, 2008
However, Utah Valley State College's growth has been a little bit painful for the students. In the past 10 years, the school has raised its tuition by the following percent:
In a recent announcement about its political stand regarding candidates, the LDS church has officially affirmed its strong support of Mitt Romney in his quest for the office of president.
In an article about the educational dilemma for illegals, the DREAM act (which has not yet passed) is explained. The DREAM act basically refers to a federal proposal whereby undocumented youths who have lived in America for at least 3 years can earn legal status as citizens by going to college or through military service.
When Rocky Anderson, the Mayor of Salt Lake City, was addressing the anti-war protesters in the National Mall, he led the crowd to say the following chant: No more!
According to the AAA, gas prices are:
coming down
According to the AAA, gas prices are _____ in the Provo/Orem area.
$2.14 a gallon
A gay-rights group called Soulforce is planning on coming to BYU on March 21 and 22. In the article, one of the organizers of the tour said that they had to go to a certain place and stated that "at that place will be all the controversy you need to generate media attention."
listing of stories planned for the next days paper
all content that isn't advertising, opinion article written
short for paragraph, or chart
Beginning of any story, tip from news source
Nut graphs
why you should care, why it's important
a list of facts that runs with story
story of lesser note that accompanies main story
document or file name used to identify a particular story
geographic area, social interaction, common tie or ties