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Spain: Move towards secularism
(Cultural relations and spiritual movements)
Socialist President: Jose Zapatero. Gov't moving towards secular policies...E.G. same sex marraige, abortion, secular schooling. Catholic Church (Bishop's conference) pissed off calling for protest of faithful. The Spanish gov't currently pays the salaries of many catholic workers and may move towards cutting them off.
French/Spanish raids on Terrorist group ETA Basque Separatist Mov't
(Terrorism, ethnic movements)
Arrested members in SW France. Found stockpiles of weapons, explosives...terrorist shit. False docs. Big catch: ETA leader Mikel Albizu, his wife Soledad and their son. Mikel suspected of meeting with Mr. Carod, #2 official in Catalan, and secretly discussing cease fire in that region. Mr. Carod had to resign when it became public. Wife Soledad believed involved in attacks = 15 deaths.
Hijab phenomena in Sudan (Darfur)
(Cultural relations and spiritual movt's)
The wartime atmosphere has made the muslim protection pendant known as the Hijab very popular on all sides of the conflict. Signifying a shared culture in the war characterized by a blending of West african mysticism and Muslim teachings. Hijabs traditionally protect from things such as scorpions but are now being made to protect against war injury/death.
Organization of American States fraud
Former Costa Rican pres. and current Sect. of OAS, Miguel Rodriguez, is being questioned about recieving payoffs from a French Telephone Co. that won major contracts.
Israel/Palestine Gaza expansion
1)Israel expanding military presence in Gaza Strip. Even though Palestinians have lost 60 lately and Israeli's have lost less than 10. (3?).
2)Israel has complained to the U.N. that a video shows a Palestinian man walking around with a Qassam rocket but the U.N. says the video doesn't show a rocket...prolly a folded stretcher. Israel pissed at U.N.
President Putin's proposal to cut back on Regional Autonomy in Russia
Since the school attacks by Chechen rebels this fall Putin has proposed strengthening the Kremlin's authority by appointind regional leaders thereby reducing regional autonomy in his effort to "unify Russia against terrorists". Many oppose this proposal and believe it could spark more fervent regional/ethnic backlash. E.G. The proposal allows Putin to disregard ethnic requirements such as the Chuvash reg. that their President speak Chuvash, and disband parliaments if they reject his appointee twice. This is in contrast to Yeltsin's effort to promote regional autonomy "Take all the sovereignty you can swallow." Was this a short failed experiment in federalism?
Iran's parliament dismissal of President Khatami's Transport Minister
The parliament voted the Transport minister out accusing him of corruption and mismanagement. Which is another hit to the President's Reformist party.
Condi Rice and the Tube debate
Condi Rice says she was being told by top officials that the Iraqi tubes being acquired were for nuclear arms rebuilding. Others believe they were for rockets.
Ljubisa Beara
Former chief of security for the Bosnian Serb army. Turned over by Serbia to the International War Crimes tribunal for prosecution in an effort to mend relations with European Union and the United States.
Russia/ U.S. Ambassadors home no longer low rent.
(Effects of globalization)
The current rent on the US Ambassador's palace in Russia equalled about 3 bucks a year due to a lease signed in 1985 based on a fixed exchange rate and plummeted when the ruble fell with the soviet union. New lease negotiated.