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What is a colony?
Land that is ruled by another country
people who lived in the colony
New Spain
land in North America and South America that Spain ruled
Capital of New Spain
Mexico City
Because the Spanish wanted gold...
many colonists worked in gold and silver mines, but more workers were needed.
Thousands of Spanish people came to
New Spain.
Native Americans were first used, but they died of ...
poor treatment and disease brought by the Europeans.
Bartolome de Las Casas
Spanish priest who tried to improve the way Indians were treated.
Spanish Borderlands
The Spanish built forts (presidios) along the border of the lands that they claimed in order to protect the colonists and their mines
The border is also called a
Buffer Zone
St. Augustine
The first permanent European settlement in the New World.
Castillo de San Marcos
the only still standing structure from the early Spanish settlement of St. Augustine. This fort protected the CITY.
Why did the Spanish use coquina shells to build the fort?
The shells were soft and strong and ony dented when cannonballs struck the fort.
Why did the King in Spain give the leadership of the colonies to the local Spanish rulers?
It was a way to reward the King's favorite people, and it made it easier to rule the colonists.
The Spanish introduced the horse to the North American Indians.