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Who presents information about Jesus' birth and childhood?
Matthew and Luke
What were the three temptations of Jesus?
1. Turning stone into bread
2. Bow down and worship Satan
3. Cast himself down from the temple
How many books comprise the New Testament?
The Babylonian Period (626-539 B.C.)-
Nebuchadnezzar was king of Babylon.He ended jewish independence by conquering Judea and capturing Jerusalem.
Who was Zedekiah and what happened to his sons?
Nebuchadnezzars uncle.

Nebuchadnezzar killed his sons and then blinded Zedekiah.
What were the powers during the intertestamental period?
Babylon, Persia, Greece, Egypt, Syria, the Maccabees, and Rome.
In 539 B.C. who captured Babylon?
Cyrus- king of Persia- by diverting the water of the Euphrates from its normal channel.
The Persian Period (539-331 B.C.)-
Cyrus issued a degree allowing the Jews to return home. He promised to rebuild the temple at his own expense.

Saw the development of the "Great Synagogue" which later turned into the Sanhedrin.
The Grecian Period (331- 320 B.C.)-
Alexander the Great followed and accelerated the spread of Greek culture, known as Hellenism.

He encouraged his soldiers to marry oriental women.
Who got the kingdom when Alexander died?
Four of his generals divided it among themselves.

Known as the diadochi meaning successors.
What are the "Synoptic Gospels"?
Matthew, Mark, and Luke
What does synoptic mean?
A seeing together