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outline of jesus' life
jesus birth and youth
the beginning of his public ministry
the galilean ministry
his travels outside of galilee
the Perean and Judean Ministry
his last week and crucifixion
the resurrection and ascension
3 temptations of jesus
turning stones into bread
casting himself down off of the hights of the temple
seek control of kingdoms of the world by worshipping the tempter
3ways jesus excersized power in Galilee
power over diseases
power over surroundings
power over evil
12 reasons why Jewish leaders opposed him
their jealousy
his authority
perceived recklessness
his liberal attitudes
his social practices
his lack of rabbinic education
their embarrassment
his power
their political fears
his call for repentance
his knowledge
his popularity
2 aspects of the betrayal
judas came with roman soldiers and temple guards
betrayed with a kiss
3 aspects of jewish trial
taken to house of Annias
taken to Caiaphas
takes to jewish leaders
3 aspects of roman trial
taken to Pilate
taken to Herod Antipas
taken back to Pilate
4 attempts by Pilate to free Jesus
declared him innocent
sent to Herod
had Jesus beaten to evoke pitty on the crowd
offered an exchange of barrabus for Jesus
6 witnesses (individuals and groups) that Jesus appeared to after resurrection
mary magdaline
group of other women
2 disciples on road to emmaeus
Simon Peter
10 disciples without thomas
10 disciples with thomas
5 points of surpreme importance to the story of Jesus
tells us uniqueness of Jesus
tells that Jesus is supernatural from beginning to end
challenges us to believe, obey, and follow
tells us death is not the end but only the beginning of a new existance
Jesus is alive and promices to be with us to the end of the age
4 ancient sources that mention the Jesus
4 themes to remember to understand the teaching of Jesus
Jesus delivered message in spoken fassion
Shared fundimental assumptions with his audience(the OT)
Jesus needed to find an effective way o comunicate message
Had goal of challenging people to make a decision to enter the kingdom of God
10 teaching methods of Jesus
personal authority
personal example
figures of speech
object lessons
Q and A
Proverbial sayings
Old Testament Quotes
Performance of project or task
4 theological themes in teaching of jesus
God, the kingdom of God, and Jesus'relation to the kingdom
The uniqueness of Jesus--His special relation to God, his special relation to other human beings, and his sence of mission
Human life,human sinfullness, and God
The end of the age, the second coming, and the life to come
3 ways uniqueness of jesus was evident
Jesus' special relation to God
Jesus' special relation to other human beings
Jesus' since of mission
4 titles of Jesus in the NT
Son of David
Son of Man
3 things emphasised when jesus used the term son of man
His authority
His coming death and resurrection
His second coming in Glory
5 characteristics of Jesus' second coming
2 modern approaches to interpret the NT
historical criticism
3 essential frameworks for interpreting NT
Recognising the uniqueness of Jesus
Accepting the bible as the word of God
Acknoledging the real presence of God in human affairs
3 major factors to consider when interpreting scripture
Which conditions are necissary to enter into text
Which methods are appropriate for analizing the text
Which aims shape our observation and application of our findings
8 methods of historical criticism (analysis)
socialogical dynamics
3 purposes of the interpretation of NT
To apply it to our lives
To lead us to worship God in the context of the church
To equip us to share this knoledge with others
7 tips of meaningful bible reading
Read it like any other book
Read it with personal interest
Interpret the narratives in the light of doctrinal passages
Determine word meanings with the help of a good bible dictionary
Give careful attention to genre
Make use of the realities of prayer and the Holy Spirit's guidance
5 things a sound hermeneudic recognises
Relates story of Christ as OT foretold
Various witnesses depicted story
In Acts the story was spread
the story was applied in various settings in the epistles
It will culminate one day in the cosmic judgement as predicded in revelation
6 types of literary forms (genres) found in the bible
epistle (letter)