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How did Matthew describe the people Jesus was teaching in the Galilee area?
They were harassed; sheep without a shepherd; lost (scattered)
For what did Jesus ask his disciples to pray?
that the Lord would send forth "laborers" into the harvest (the people had great potential!)
What power did Jesus give his twelve disciples?
Power to heal and cast out evil spirits
Where did he instruct them to go? Where did Jesus instruct them NOT to go?
To the lost sheep of the house of Israel; way of Gentiles or city of Samaritans
What were they to do as they entered the city?
Preach "the kingdom has come," heal and cast out devils; look for homes which will receive them
After Jesus called his 12 apostles he gave them instructions regarding their work. He told them that they would be sent forth as sheep in the midst of wolves. What did he tell them to be like?
Wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.
According to Jesus, to whom would the apostles be delivered and before whom would they be brought? When brought before these people what were the apostles to speak?
Councils, synagogues, kings; the spirit of the Father
What were the apostles counseled to fear?
him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell
What did Jesus teach about confessing (stating one's faith) before men?
If you confess to men He'll confess you to God; if you deny--He'll deny you to God.
What did Jesus say he came to bring to the earth?
A sword; He would divide households.
What did Jesus say about losing one's life?
If he loses it for His sake, he shall find it.
If the people received the apostles, who else did Jesus teach they were also receiving?
Him (Jesus).
What did Jesus teach about receiving the apostles and prophets into their home?
If they are received in the prophets names, they will receive a reward.
What happened on Herod's birthday?
Herod's step-daughter seduced him and made him enter an oath to behead John the Baptist and so he did and delivered the head to her mom (Herodias).
Where did Jesus go after hearing of the death of John?
Got on a ship & went out to the desert.
How did Jesus send the disciples forth to preach?
2 x 2's
What is a scrip?
Travelers leather bag for bread and food.
Who did Herod and others think Jesus was?
Harod- John the Baptist risen from the dead; Others- Elias or another prophet
What does the JST add to Mark 6:20?
That John the Baptist worshipped God and Herod did things for John.
What did Herod offer the daughter of Herodias for pleasing him?
John's head.
Where did she get the idea to ask for John's head?
her mom (Herodias)
What happened to John's body?
his disciples laid it in a tomb
What were the apostles to preach?
The kingdom of God.
Where did the apostles go after reporting their missions to Jesus?
Bethsaida (a desert place)
Where is this place in relation to the Sea of Galilee?
on the North shore
How many people (not just men) were fed with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes?
5000 men + their women & children
How much food was gathered up by the disciples?
12 baskets full
At sunset, Jesus went alone to the mountains to pray. Based upon the time of night that Jesus walked on the water, approximately how long did Jesus pray while alone on the mountain?
8+ hours
Why did Peter fail in his attempt to walk on the water?
Fear/not enough faith; he focused on the worldly thing (wind), not the Savior.
How were many others made perfectly whole at this time?
as many as touched him
Why was Jesus moved with compassion toward the great multitude? What did he do?
They were sheep without a shepherd; He taught them.
What word does the JST use in place of desert?
solitary place
How does Mark describe the way these people were fed?
They sat in companies on the grass.
Who, or what, did the disciples think Jesus was as he walked on the water?
A spirit.
What was the apostles solution to handling the hungry multitude?
Send them to town to buy food.
What did Jesus do instead?
He fed them with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.
Why was there a great multitude assembled?
Because of His miracles.
What Jewish feast was at hand? Note that Jesus was in Galilee and did not attend the passover in Jerusalem.
Why did Jesus ask Philip about buying bread?
To test him-seek his solution; Jesus already knew the answer.
The people reacted to this miracle by saying Jesus might be "that prophet that should come into the world." They were referring to a prophecy recorded in Deuteronomy 18:18-22. Who made this prophecy?
Moses (he wrote Deuteronomy)
What did Jesus perceive the crowds wanted to do by force?
Take him and make him King..
Why did Jesus depart and go into the mountain to pray?
Because the people wanted to take him and make him King.
Why did the people seek Jesus according to his accusation?
because they ate the loaves and were filled
For what did Jesus instruct them to labor?
the meat which endureth unto everlasting life
For what did the Jews ask?
A sign
What was Jesus' reply to the Jews reference to Moses' miracle of giving the Israelites bread from heaven?
God gave the bread from heaven.
Who was the true bread from heaven? Why?
Jesus; he that believeth on Him shall never hunger/thirst
What was the will of the Father in sending Jesus?
to make everyone believe and come unto him.
Why did the Jews murmur?
He said he was the bread from Heaven and they were like, "get out! we know your parents, Jesus!"
How did Jesus say a man could come to him?
By learning of the Father and doing his will.
Who has seen the Father?
"he which is of God" Jesus
What was the difference between manna and the bread that came down from heaven?
Manna=only sustain for a time, Bread from heaven=eat and you will never die (everlasting life)
How did Jesus saw the Jews could live forever?
Eat of this bread (his flesh-sacrament-covenant)
Where did this sermon take place?
Synagogue @ Capernaum
How did many of the disciples respond to Jesus' sermon?
A little offended (with some disbelief)
What began to happen from this time forth?
Some of the disciples stopped following him.
What did Jesus say about one of the 12 at this time?
One was a devil.
What did the men of Gennesaret request of Jesus? What was the result?
That he would heal the diseased; As many who touched his garment were healed
What prophecy of Isaiah was quoted by the Savior to the Pharisees and scribes?
They drew near to me with their mouths but their hearts are far from me
Who else also quoted this scripture? To whom?
Christ in the 1st Vision to JS- about the professors of religion in that day
How did Jesus reply to his disciples' observation that his sayings offended the Pharisees?
Don't worry about them. they're blind leaders of the blind and they'll all end up in a ditch.
What did the Savior say proceeds from the heart which defiles the man?
Evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witnesses.
What does the name "Tyre" mean? Where is the city located?
Rock, a strong city, on the coast of the Mediterranean
Why did Jesus at first refuse to help the (Non-Israellite) woman of Canaan?
He wanted to test her faith as a Child of Israel.
If the children of Israel were represented by sheep who would be the dogs which ate the crumbs from the table?
The Lost Sheep?
Why did Jesus consent to help the woman of Canaan?
He wanted to test her faith as a Child of Israel.
Why did Jesus not want to send the people away fasting?
They'd followed him for 3 days and had nothing to eat.
What did Jesus do before distributing the loaves and fishes to the disciples?
He gave thanks and broke them. Also he asked them how they should feed the multitude.
How many baskets of meat were left over?
7 baskets
How many people were fed on this occasion?
4000 men beside women & children
Where is Gennesaret? What well-known body of water is associated with the name Gennesaret?
NW shore of Galilee "best part of Galilee"
Why did the Pharisees and scribes find fault with the disciples?
They broke tradition of elders by not washing before eating bread.
For what did the Savior say the Pharisees and scribes were rejecting the commandments of God?
Being hypocrites; near w/mouths, but <3 far from; for forgetting important commandments and focusing on silly traditions.
What did the tradition of "Corban" do to the word of God?
It was a vow to which had deeper obligations than some commandments. (like consecrating stuff to church instead of elderly parents)
What is the real defilement of a man?
Pride/foolishness others previously stated that foster evil in his <3
What addition does the JST make to the meaning of Mark 7:24?
He was trying to stay low-->JST: he could not deny them for he had compassion upon all men.
What does Mark add to the identification of the woman who came to Jesus to have her daughter healed that Matthew omitted?
She was a Greek, a Syrophenician.
How does the JST help us understand who the children were to whom Jesus referred?
How did Jesus heal the man of Decapolis who was deaf and had an impediment of speech?
Put his fingers in his ears; spit, touched his tongue, looked to heaven and said "be opened."
What happened when Jesus told the people to "tell no man?"
The more he asked them not to, the more they publicized it.
Where did Jesus and the disciples go now by ship?
How does Mark's account compare with Matthew's account? Do they describe the same place?
Identical or near Magdala. A town on the shore of Galilee.
What did the Savior tell the Pharisees and the Sadducees they were able to discern and not able to discern?
Able to discern the face of the sky, but not the signs of the times.
What was the sign given to the wicked and adulterous generation of the Pharisees and the Sadducees? What did the sign symbolize?
Jonas; he was in whale for 3 days and nights--> son of man 3 d/n in the heart of the earth
What was the meaning of the Savior's warning against the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees?
their leaven = their doctrine
When Jesus asked what the "word on the street" was about who men thought he was, 3 people were mentioned. Who were they?
Jeremiah, Elias, and John the Baptist.
How did Peter know that Jesus was the Christ according to the words of Jesus?
thy Father in heaven revealed it unto thee
What is the rock upon which the Church was to be built?
Peter = Rock; CHRIST is the stone of Israel
What did Christ say would not prevail against the Church or the rock?
The gates of hell
What other promise was Peter given at the time and what power did it contain?
keys to the kingdom (priesthood); sealing power
How did Jesus say one could take up his cross?
a) deny himself of all ungodliness
b)every worldly lust
c)keep my commandments
Where were Peter, James, and John taken by the Savior and what happened before them? Which mountain was is-do we know?
A high mountain, Christ was transfigured; Mount Hermon--not surely
What other mountain in Galilee may it have been?
Mount Tabor
Who appeared unto Peter, James, and John?
Moses and Elijah (Elias)
Why did the disciples fall on their faces?
They were afraid
When did Jesus say they could tell others of their vision?
When Christ was risen again from the dead.
Who did the apostles understand that Elias was of whom the Savior spoke as listed in the KJV? How does the JST version clarify Jesus' statement?
John the Baptist; and also of another who shall come and restore all things
Who shall be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven according to Matthew's account?
He who humbles himself as a little child.
Using the JST footnote 18:9a, explain what a man's hand or foot that offends him symbolizes.
his friend; of his own household
What additional doctrine does the JST add to verse 11 concerning sinners and little children?
Children have no need of repentance.
What is the will of the Father regarding a lost sheep?
He would leave the 99 to find it and rejoice when he does.
What steps are outlined to follow when a brother trespasses against you?
1. Tell the brother
2. Confront him with witnesses
3. Tell the church
4. Let it be
How often is a disciple required to forgive his brother?
70 x 7; always
What is the principle taught in the parable of the kind and his servant?
If you want forgiveness, forgive others.
Of whose leaven does the Gospel of Mark warn besides that of the Pharisees and the Sadducees?
leaven of Herod
Jesus healed a blind man by stages at Bethsaida. It is possible that our Lord initiated the steps in order to strengthen the faith of the individual, in order to perform the miracle (faith proceeds the miracle). List the steps:
a. Jesus led the blind man out of the city
b. spit on the dirt to make clay
c. put clay on his eyes
d.asked if he saw anything
Why did Jesus tell Peter "Get thee behind me, Satan?"
he savourest the things of men--not God.
From the JST translation of Mark 9:4 who do we understand was also present on the mount?
John the Baptist
Why could the disciples not cast out the devil from the demonic boy?
Lack of faith
How did the Savior say that kind of devil count be cast out?
By prayer and fasting
What did Jesus again foretell, but his disciples failed to understand?
He would be killed and rise the third day.
When Jesus found that the disciples were disputing over who should be the greatest what did he teach them?
Whoever wants to be 1st shall be last and servant of all
Who does one really receive when he receives a little child in the name of Christ?
Christ and his Father who sent him.
What did Christ say about hose performing miracles in his name?
Forbid him not; he is with us.
What important doctrine does the JST add to Mark 9:43-47?
For it is better for thyself to be saved, than to be cast into hell with thy brother.
According to Luke, were Jesus and the disciples with a group or alone when Peter gave this testimony?
With a group. (Jesus was alone when he was -praying-)
Luke is the only gospel writer that records something about the circumstance at Caesarea Phillip where Peter gave his great testimony of Christ. What was it?
What did Christ say about losing one's life?
If it's for his sake, he shall gain it.
Of what did Moses and Elias speak on the Mt. of Transfiguration?
Jesus' decease in Jerusalem.
What quorum did the Savior organize?
The 70 (missionary instructions)
What OT city will the Lord show more tolerance for in the day of judgement than for any NT city that rejected the Savior? Why?
Sodom. Because the Kingdom of God hath come.
What 2 NT Gentile cities does the Savior indicate would have repented in sackcloth and ashes if they had seen the miracles and heard the teachings of Jesus as some Jewish cities had?
Tyre and Sidon
What feast was Jesus going to Jerusalem in order to attend? (held in Oct. 6 months b4 passover)
Feast of tabernacles; celebrating the sojourning of the children of Israel in the wilderness
Why did Jesus' half-brothers want him to attend the feast?
They wanted him to perform the miracles openly.
What important information does John give us regarding the level of faith his half-brothers held for him?
They didn't believe his works.
What were the people in Jerusalem saying about Jesus?
That he was a good man; but also that he deceived people.
What did James and John want to do to the village in Samaria that would not receive Jesus? What were they nicknamed because of this incident?
Fire from heaven to consume the city; the sons of thunder
What was Jesus' response to James and John?
The Son of God doesn't want to destroy lives, he wants to save them.
At what point in the feast did Jesus arrive? Why do you suppose he waited until then to arrive?
The middle; so the ppl could get used to the idea/hear about him first.
According to Moses, if a person was circumcised on the Sabbath day, it was not breaking the Sabbath. However, according to the traditions of the Pharisees what was it that was unlawful to do on the Sabbath day?
Jesus made whole the ppl. (Jesus had healed often on the Sabbath)
How does the JST change John 7:24?
Judge according to appearance
-->your traditions
What evidence is there that the Jews knew very little about the background of Jesus' personal life?
They didn't know he came out of Bethlehem- they thought Galilee.
Who defended Jesus among the chief rulers? What did he say?
Nicodemus; We must hear him before we judge him.
What did Jesus say to the men who had brought Him the immoral woman?
He without sin case the first stone.
Why did the woman's accusers go out one by one?
They were convicted by their own conscience.
What did Jesus say to the woman?
Where'd everyone go? I don't condemn thee; go and sin no more.
How did Jesus answer the accusation that he bore record of himself?
Perhaps, but it's a true record. I know where I came from and where I'm going and you don't.
According to Jesus, how would the Pharisees die in their sins?
They won't believe that he is the Christ. They are of this world.
How did Jesus answer the question as to who he was?
He said he was sent by his father in heaven and he will be lifted up.
What promise was given to those who would continue in Jesus' word?
They would be his disciples--they would know the truth and be liberated.
What was Jesus' response to the Pharisees when they said, "Abraham is our father?"
Then you would do his works. Abraham didn't tell you to kill me.
What did Jesus say the Jews would do if they were God's children?
They would love Christ and listen to them.
Who did Jesus say was really the Pharisees father?
Why did Jesus say Abraham was glad?
He saw Christ's day.
What did Jesus mean when he said, "Before Abraham was, I am?"
I am = I (was) Jehovah
To what pool was the blind man sent to wash his eyes?
On what day did Jesus heal the blind man?
The Sabbath
What reason did some of the Pharisees give that Jesus was "not of God"?
He keepeth not the Sabbath.
Why did some of the Pharisees give that Jesus was "not of God"?
He keepeth not the Sabbath.
Why did the blind man's parents avoid the questions of the Pharisees?
They didn't want to be put out of the synagogue (by confessing he was Christ).
What did Jesus do when he heard that the Jews had "cast out" (excommunicated) the man born blind?
Asked the man if he believed on him and answered the Pharisees about being blind.
Why do the sheep follow the porter (shepherd)?
He calls them by name.
What does the JST add to John 10:8?
all that came before me-->all who testified not of me = are thieves
What will the good shepherd give for his sheep?
lay down his life
Who are the other sheep referred to in John 10:16?
the Nephites/Americans; those in future times and worlds; lost tribes
What power did Jesus say he had?
Power to lay down his life and take it again.