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Paul's First letter was to:
Why did Paul chose Thessaloinians?
lots of Gentiles, its a big city (collection of people from many places), on the via egnatia (road between Rome and Constantinople), government center of Macodonia, Port on the Aegean Sea (Thus commerce and industry)

All this to say it was a place of communication, where people go through, it allows for easy correspondence and a great group of people.

(these are similar ideas to those in Corinthians and Phillipi)
Some important things to Paul in his letters to the Thess.
to serve a living and true God (God is present on earth, living moving, walking in and among the people)

suffering is essential (2:14), Jesus was persecution by Jews and the Thess. were by Gentiles... unity in their suffering

word comes with Power and imitation references

don't worry about the dead!!
whats up with letter sequencing in the Corinthian series
There is some indication that these are not the first and only two letters.

He seems to get info by the household of Chloe and another letter from 3 men. (because Paul was probably in Ephesus)
What was a main problem in the Corinthian Church?
pauls afraid they will not be unifed under Christ, becasue of all of the seperate house churches.

They are dividing because they are physically separated, committed to different teachings, and socio-economic and religious elite ideas.

He startwed the church " I fathered you..." so be committed to Christ as you have learned him from me
How does paul talk to the Corinthians about the Power of God?
it is all displayed on Jesus on the cross. The Power in this world now comes from living a life of the cross (resurrection) living the logos of the cross..

The power of God made something out of nothing (cross), so just as Jesus came down, so need the elites (die to standards of the world). and create this social interaction with those of lower class that did not exist before (through embodying the cross)

ie: god putting us together shows the rest of the world God's Power
what is the righteousness of paul? How does this often put down the Jewish understanding of Jesus
Paul was blamless from Jewish perspective, but obviously not blamless in the sense of God.

Thus it is not neccessary to follow each precept of mosaic law, for we need to be faithful to Jesus first.
What makes the letter to Philemon unique
written to one individual, ultimately Phil's slave is neccessary for paul's mission. Paul is trying to get Phil to make a good choice and embrace his slave again.
What is at stake for the leaders of the movement in Jerusalem?
make those in Jer. angry by shifting focus from Torah to Jesus
Why does paul need to defend his authority as an apostle?
1.) distinguish himself from Jewish messengers in Jerusalem
2.) His authority comes strait from God-not humans (thus his message is strait from God)
What is the Heart of Paul's letters to the Galatians?
-the teachers of Jerusalem have cast a spell on Galatians
-Paul is living as crucified Christ (physically, and persecution)
-reminding them they received the spirit (which acted as God's acceptance of them)--> dont need Jewish law
-and again reminding them Jewish law was not necessary

justified not by works of the law, but by faith
Faith of Jesus Christ vs. Faith in Jesus Christ
in means the people act
of means Jesus acts
clothing imagery
if i believe then I will live into the life of Christ
Why is it confrontational for paul to claim Abraham as father of all who believe?
because he is the father of the Jews, thus he alienated jews. jesus was one, and so is he....
What is the role of the spirit in galations
roll out spirit which is confirmation of God's will. Thus you will receive the fruits of the spirit, and it is proven that you live by the spirit.

The spirit makes you Christ like
Partition Concern in Corinthians 2
composite of multiple letters, this is thought becaue

1-7 (warm)
(8-9) (collect money?)
10-13 (aggressive)
What was the purpose of collecting money in the 2nd letter to Corinthians
1.) remember the poor (peter told him this)
2.) peace offeringto Jewish people
-we want to be part of you
3.) use another church as an example of embodying Christ... Just as Christ emptied himself and gave all so you should generously give
What is an interpolation?
something has been added that we dont think is orginal becasue of a mood or writting shift or maybe an uncharacterized tone or word choice.

They can be caused different editors/copiers down the line.
What is the heart of Paul's teaching to the Gentiles?
-embody Christ (self-emptying--> serve other people)
- come as you are
-die with Christ
-dont be persecuted by fake Gospel ( you have effectively experienced the spirit)
What is significant about Paul's letter to the Romans?
It was his only letter to a church he did not start.

-He doesn't remind them of his teaching ( to be imitators of Christ)
-nothing to remind them about, because he didn't meet them
- may have a strong need to be persuasive because he has to describe his way in order for those in a roman church to accept him from a distance
Why Did Paul write to the Romans?
-intended to go to Rome on his way to Spain
-looking for financial support
-trying to get people he knows to help persuade
-write to Gentiles (who would recieve it happily) and the Jewish (who are resentful)
Problems in the Church at Rome
-Gentiles and Jews are at ends with each other
--> Paul says dont despise or pass judgment on each other for God has welcomed all

this problem arises because Jews were expelled in 49 and came back in 55 causing some conflict over food laws
What is the Role of Paul's interpretation of Abraham in romans?
just as Abrahams faith moved him into right relationship with, so can it move everyone or-anyone in to right relationship with God.

He is Father of ALL
-made something out of nothing( children from barren)
- we have a God that can do things that are humanly impossible
-be fully convinced of what God can do, hope--> dont lose faith.
-the ability to bring life out of nothingness and death is what is common to all of us--> Abraham.
What is the idea of the spirit in Romans 8 and 12
not setting your mind on the standards of this world (leads to death) but rather set your mind on the spirit and life (leads to the spirit)

Just as Jesus gave himself, offer your bodies as Spirtual Worship (reasoned worship... use your reasoning to walk in the right)
--> i.e. look at your life, is it producing things of the spirit or of death.
What about the Jewish revolt impacted apocalyptic thinking?
it suffers a big hit. Because this Jesus guy was suppose to come and rule the temple, but rather it got destroyed. (ideas of Deut. come back--> stick to Torah)
-only Pharisees in synagogues and followers of Jesus remain after destroy of temple in 70.
What does the failure of the revolt call for?
-The temple is destroyed God didn't come, Romans are still in charge (Apocalyptic view not satisfied).
-although messiah came we are in a worse state
-each gospel is after 70, thus each gospel has a reinterpretation of the Apocalyptic views
What are the effects of the revolt
Jewish people migrate to Galilee
rename Judea-Palistine
Oppose new tax on Jews to pay for war
Heavy Occupying Force in the midst of the people
Who the heck is Yohaman Bed Zuhhi
Pharisees take Jews toward Rabbitic way of life (focus on torah, i.e. embrace more Duet.)
What is a Christian response to 70?
did not suffer, becasue they had moved out in the death of James so most followers moved across Jordan
- some though the destruction of temple was a punishment for the harming of Christ movement
-others saw it differently
How is Mark a response to year 70?
arguing for christian perspective in time of change
-we have to allow everyone in the world the opportunity to accept Christ before Jesus will come back!
-other things must happen before end time.
-historical Jesus might not have said some of the new apocolyptic ideas...

-Gospels are words from both historical and resurrected Jesus.
Mark stuff....
secrecy, disciples dont understand...
How is Jesus Family portrayed in Mark?
Mary's name isn't even mentioned
Jesus says things like "Who are my mothers, who are my brother"
-This gospel shows the life of Jesus causing family dispute (the hold him back because they think he's mad)
Why would Mark allow for the only people who recognize Jesus are the demons.
mark is talking about a great amount of spiritual warfare
example of significant demon spirits:
name: legion--> an allusion to Rome

un-authoritative teaching in synagogue created unclean spirit in a man.

casting out laughing people (demon of disbelief)

casting peter down (demon of misunderstanding of Messiah)
What is the turning point in Mark?
in Mark 8, after he has been living up to Messianic prophersy he turns and asks them who am I? Peter says the Messiah and he is both right and wrong.

Because just as the blind man saw people that looked like trees, so Peter saw a messiah that looked different from the real Jesus.

and Jesus calls satan out of Peter for this. He is healed by following Jesus

You got it all wrong, because it is not about being the greatest it is about being servant.
literary device of stories within stories
[story 1]
[story 2]
[story 1]

ex. synagogue leader interrupted by bleeding women
original ending of Mark
ends with no one seeing risen Jesus, thus... follow him to galilee.
--> suppose to follow Jesus as an invitation to step into the story of Christ in order to be resurrected Jesus.