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Who was the key source for Luke?
To whom did Luke link Jesus in the geneology (3:38)
Contrast John and Jesus birth
Many knew about John, few knew about Jesus. John was born from elizabeth at a miraculour child-bearing age, Mary was at the normal age.etc
Who knew Jesus was the son of God?
Anna, Simeon, Mary, Joseph, wise men, Elisabeth, Zacherias, Shepherds
Latin name for Zacharias' speech at John's blessing
Latin name for Mary's speech to Elisabeth
What did Docetists believe?
Jesus did not have the veil and was divine from birth
What is significant about John's attire?
Animal skin-prophet attire
How is Christ an Elias?
Restores higher law, prepares the way for us, prepares for the spirit.
How is John the Baptist an Elias?
Prepares the way for Christ
1)Preaches prep. gospel
4)Restore lesser priesthood
5)Authority-prep. priesthood
6)Prepares many apostles
7)Born first, dies first
What tribute did Jesus give to John?
There is no greater prophet than John the Baptist
Who was Herodias?
She was the granddaughter of Herod the great, and daughter of Aristobulus. She first married her uncle Herod Philip, but he had no power. She then married Herod Antipus, ruler of Galilee and Perea.
Characteristics of Synagogue worship...
Reading of the Torah and Mishnah, private prayer, recitation of the Sherma, communal prayers, one reads from the prophets, and a sermon given by a member of the congregation
What does Luke 4:18-19 tell us about Christ's mission?
He was anointed to preach the gospel to the:
1)poor (poor in spirit)
2)Broken hearted
3) Captives (by sin/mistakes)
4)Blind (understand the gospel)
5)Set those at liberty(get over things that have "scarred" us)
What is meant by preaching the acceptable year of the Lord?
It is given to us now
Who is the only gospel writer to mention the call of the seventy. Why do you think?
Luke-he was part of the seventy
What did the JST take out of Luke 13:32
What are common threads reinforced in the parables in Luke's gospel?
1) Mercy, compassion
2) Gentiles, Samaritans, outcasts, "poor"
3) Humility, faith, repentance, forgiveness--becoming
4) JOY
To whom did John write?
Members of the church-he has jewish background but is writing as someone who has been born again.
What did John NOT include in his gospel?
John baptized Jesus. He doesn't want to encourage those that believe John was Christ
Also, the Mt of Transfiguration, parables, list of 12 apostles
What makes John's gospel so different from the other gospels?
1)Doctrine-The lamb testifies he is the Lamb of God
2)Pre-Mortal Jehovah
3)Esoteric Language
4)No Messianic secret
6)92% unique
How did John use dichotemies in his testimony?
2 extremes-lightness and darkness
Why is there no evidence of the Messianic Secret in John's gospel?
His audience already knew who Christ was
What are "aretology statements?
"I am"
How are italics used in the KJV of the Bible?
To show what has been added during translation
What does the title "Jesus" mean?
God is help, savior
What does the title "Christ" mean?
The anointed one (Greek)
What does the title "Messiah" mean?
The anointed one (Hebrew)
What does the title "Jehovah" mean?
I am
What does the title "Immanuel" mean?
God w/ us
What could be John's thesis for his gospel?
1:35-36-Behold the Lamb of God
Why may Jesus not have baptized as many as his disciples?
He was not always going to be there with the members so the disciples needed the opportunity to build relationships and take on responsibility.
Contrast Nicodemus to the woman at the well.
-Pharisee, came by night, concerned with how to get in to the kingdom of heaven, could not see, away from daily tasks
-Samaritan, comes in the middle of the day, Jesus talks to her first, in the midst of daily tasks, she sees
How did the woman at the well recognize Jesus' true identity?
She could see he was a prophet and the spirit was there testifying of him.
What can we learn of this woman at the well?
?It isn't where we worship, but how....??
What miracle was recorded in all the 4 gospels?
Feeding the 5,000
What can be learned symbolically by the feeding of the 5,000.
He will give us what we give him..
12 baskets remained: just because everyone is full now does not mean there are not more people to fill
What can we learn about Peter and Faith from Matthew's account of walking on water?
Peter showed enough faith to walk out of the boat, but got scared. He is doing great, but needs to have more faith to fulfill his duties later on
What sign did the multitude of the 5,000 request before they would become his disciples?
Feed them for 40 years like Moses did
How did they respond to the bread of life sermon?
The galileans took what he was saying very literally like Nicodemus. They are offended because he is asking them to change and they don't want to.