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What was significant at the healing at the pool of Bethesda?
Jewish opposition developed because he healed the invalid on the Sabbath. Jesus pointed out that if circumcision was acceptable on the sabbath, how much more desirable was healing that affected the whole body?
What is significant about the woman caught in adultery?
If Jesus supported death penalty, Romans could accuse him of rebellion against their laws. If he rejected it, they could accuse him of rejecting Mosaic law. He shifted the debate to an appeal for mercy - people can be blinded by their own sin. Told her not to sin (not accepting of her sexual immorality).
What is the background for Jesus' claim to be the "light of the world"?
During the 7 Day Feast of Tabernacles the Jews burned four large oil lamps in the temple area continuously. They symbolized the pillar of fire that guarded the Jews in the wilderness. This custom was background for this claim
Explain the significance of Jesus' good shepherd discussion
sheep: blind man
Pharisees: thieves and robbers
good shepherd: himself

3 features about his actions for sheep:
1. He was the door - guarded the sheep.
2. Good Shepherd - genuine attachment to sheep
3. Willingly surrendered his life - crucifixion - in order to take it up again at resurrection
Explain Jesus' claim to have existed before Abraham
Jesus warned true freedom came through obedience in him. Jesus said those who believed in him would never die, and they said even Abraham and his followers died. Jesus said he he knew Abrahams mind because of his preexistence. They tried to stone him but Jesus slipped away.
Explain Jesus' healing of the man born blind
Shows that faith in Jesus can lead a person from darkness to light. Revelation of God's power to open the eyes of the spiritually blind.(not due to his sin or his parents') This was healing on the Sabbath. The blind man grew in his faith, while the Pharisees remained spiritually blind.
What did Jesus mean when he said, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven?"
This was a preview of the ultimate downfall of Satan.
What is significant about the story of the good Samaritan?
Unique to Luke. Lawyer asked "Who is my neighbor?" This parable asks, "To whom can I be a neighbor?"
Did Jesus teach the Lord's prayer more than once?
It is possible, as the prayer in Luke 11 resembles the Lord's Prayer of Matthew 6.
What did Jesus' enemies say about Beelzebub and the Sabbath?
jesus omitted warning of blasphemy. His warning show stat a person who expelled the spirit of evil must replace it with a more powerful source of strength.
What was the main problem with the Pharisees?
They emphasized the external over the internal. He reminded them to way to maintain inner purity was to preserve a right inward state when giving alms.
What was Jesus' claim to deity?
His two responses:
1. his works witnessed that he came from God
2. He blamed the failure of the people to believe on their unwillingness to listen to his message
"I and the Father are one"
Explain Jesus' use of hyperbole
Jesus called on to "hate" his or her closest relation which suggests we should completely subordinate everything to our commitment to Christ.
What is the main point of the parable of the lost sheep and the stories of lost coin and prodigal sun?
Show the joy of God in welcoming all penitents into his kingdom. He was defending his fellowship with publicans and sinners. God loves a confused, squalid, pretentious, mixed up world.
1. Lost Sheep: Jesus considers no sacrifice or trouble too great to rescue lost sheep. and Jesus has the same joy as the sheperhed in recovering lost sheep.
2. Lost Coin- the thoroughness of God's search for lost sinners
3. Prodigal son - the root of the Pharisees' error was an insistence on slavish obedience to the law as a basis of earning God's favor.
What Greek term is translated "hell"?
hades - represents the place where the unbelieving dead go at death to await final judgement
What do "kingdom of heaven" and "kingdom of God" mean?
Kingdom of God: 1. already present in form of Jesus - already saving and correcting force. kingdom of heaven 2. it would come so suddenly and unexpectedly that no one could predict its final arrival with accuracy.
How did Jesus use the example of little children?
As an example of the humble attitude that should grace his disciples. Commending those whose acceptance of a childlike status makes them great on Jesus' scale of values. Only those with humility of little children will enter kingdom of God
What did Jesus demonstrate by riding on a donkey?
He did not come as a warrior-king like the Jewish people expected, but as Messiah
What did the cleaning of the temple mean?
signs of divine judgment on the empty religious practices of Israel.
What did the cursing and withering of the fig tree mean?
signs of divine judgement on the empty religious practices of Israel. Jesus came to the tree hoping to find the small early ripe figs which ripen with leaves before the main crop.
What are the differences in what the Pharisees and Sadducees believed?
Sadducees opposed all supernaturalism. Rejected the Prophets and Writings as diving: only received the law. Made fun of the resurrection
What does the Textbook say about Psalm 110:1?
Most frequently quoted OT Text, show that the use of the title of Son of David was inadequate and misleading as a guide to the Messiah's identity. Jesus pointed out that he was not an earthly replica of David but David's Lord. Divine and human.
What subjects did Jesus discuss in his Olivet discourse?
"The little apocalypse" Signs of the end, abomination of desolation, return of Christ, parables of readiness, picture of future judgement
What warnings did Jesus give in Olivet discourse?
to flee quickly from the horrors of siege and destruction. Both temporal and final judgements.
1. Return of Christ: believes must be wary of accepting signs and wonders as proof that it represents God
2. Readiness: Don't allow us to obsess over date setting and uncertainty of date should stimulate our moral commitment to Christ.
3. Future Judgement: Personal response to Jesus.
What is the point of the parables of the ten virgins and the ten talents?
virgins: challenge of constant readiness for Christ's return. After the return, no time will be left to prepare.
Talents: Readiness for Jesus' return consists of responsible activity, not passive. Must take advantage of privileges during Christ's absence.
What did Jesus mean in Mark 13:30?
Reference to "These things" judgements of AD 70. Jesus was stating that the generation of his earthly ministry would see destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. Was not promising return in their life time.
What did Jesus mean in Matthew 25:31-46?
Jesus is saying that works of kindness and mercy to needy believers are evidence of genuine commitment to Christ. Calls for a personal response to jesus himself. Works of mercy will follow saving faith.
What was the significance of Jesus washing his disciples feet?
He reminded his disciples that faithful service in a lowly place demonstrates true greatness. Symbolizes lowly service Christians should demonstrate toward one another.
Who was the young man who left his clothing behind and fled on the night of Jesus' trial? (in Mark)
May have been Mark himself - he was not identified. If it were Mark, he may have followed Jesus and the disciples from his home where the last supper was help.
What were the different phases of Jesus' trial?
Jewish Phase and a Roman Phase.
Jewish - began with a brief appearance before Annas and continued with appearances before Caiaphas (high priest) and Sanhedrin.
Roman phase: initial appearance before Pilate (roman gov), second appearance before Antipas of Galilee, and another appearance before Pilate.
What is the use of the Greek term translated, "it is finished"?
cry of victory. Greek term sometimes appeared on receipts to suggest "Paid in Full". He expressed awareness that he had paid the debt of sin.
What were the outward manifestations of the resurrection?
Earthquake, appearance of an angel, moving the stone sealing the tomb. Reality is shown by fright of normally tough guards.
What are the evidences listed by the textbook authors and their "excursus"
1. What is the resurrection of Christ? A: compare it to Lazarus and raised son of widow. This is different. Jesus died physically, but returned to life, but with a new glorified body and became first fruits of all who died. Historical event by which he came back, never again to die.
2. What is the evidence for this resurrection of Christ?
A: He was physically dead, He was buried, the tomb was empty, post-resurrection appearance reveal the reality of resurrection, and we see evidences for resurrection in the changes in the disciples.
3. Why is the resurrection important?
A: Provides evidence of deity of Christ, jesus was exalted into heaven, provides basis for justification of believers, provides confidence for coming resurrection of all believers, believers have incentive to endure and persist in Christian living, and prompted human beings to believe in Jesus as Lord