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What is the main Theme of Acts?
Salvation History
What is the Date of Acts?
Somewhere around AD 62
Who is the author of Acts?
Give 5 Facts About Luke
1. Physician
2. Well Educated
3. Well steeped in the OT
4. Not an original disciple
5. Traveling companion of Paul
6. Knows the geography of the areas discussed
What is the Provenance of Acts?
Most likely Rome but some ancient sources point to Accaia.
To whom was Acts written?
Theophilus, but the wider target audience was predominately Gentile Christians.
What facts are likely about Theophilus?
1.Also to whom Luke was written.
2. Had instruction in Christianity
3. Most likely the patron who paid the price for the publication of the book.
4. Probably provided room and board for Paul until he finished writing Acts
What can be assumed about the wider target audience of Acts? (6 things)
1. Did not know Judean topography
2. Did not know the local language. Aramaic terms are explained
3. Not Palestinian Jews, but not necessarily Gentiles.
4. Did know Jewish institutions such as Passover
5. Septuagint was the Bible of choice among his readers
6. Shows spread of Christianity from a Jewish sect to a worldwide religion
What is the genre of Acts?
Theological History - a historical narrative that not only describes history, but seeks to be God-centered.
How is Acts accurate in verifiable Matters? (5 ways)
1. Geography of Jerusalem
2. Geography of Asia Minor
3. Political Issues such as Phillipi being a Roman colony
4. Cultural issues such as worshippers at Lystra following Hermes and Zeus
5. Historical Events such as Herod Agrippa I dies by eating worms - verified by Josephus
What are two specific charges against the accuracy of Acts?
1. Gamaliel's speech mentions Theudas who was mentioned by Josephus 10-15 years earlier (probably 2 different men)
2. Number in the Egyptian band - Josephus says it was 30,000 Luke says it was 4,000 (Josephus known for inflating numbers anyway)
What are 3 compaints of those doubting Luke's Historical Accuracy?
1. Speeches in Acts are Luke's composition
2. Story lines that appear unbelievable
3. It has miracles which are problematic in terms of historicity
What are 4 reasons to affirm the accuracy of speeches in Acts?
1. Ancient historiography clearly prescribed accurate summations of speeches
2. verbal parallels between Paul in Acts and his epistles
3. verbal parallels between Peter in Acts and his epistles
4. The speeches show remarkable suitability to their context
What is the #1 problem in accepting the historicity of Acts?
Miracles - stems not from the book but from the problem of accepting divine intervention
What are some proposed sources of Acts?
1. Jerusalem source
2. Travel diary
3. Palestinian source
4. "we" sections as a separate source
5. Personal interviews of participants (eyewitnesses)
What was one of Luke's purposes in writing Acts?
The unveiling of God's plan: the transition from Jerusalem to the uttermost parts of the world
Give 9 facts about Paul's early life
1. Jewish
2. From Tarsus
3. Educated in Jerusalem under Gamaliel
4. A persecuting agent of the Sanhedrin
5. Circumcised on the 8th day
6. A strict Pahrisee
7. Parents were practicing Jews
8. A Benjamite
9. Zealous for the law
What are the dates of Paul's 3 missionary journeys?
#1 AD 47-48
#2 AD 49/50
#3 AD 52/53-57
What are 5 sequential events in Paul's captivity period?
1. Arrest in Jerusalem 57
2. Caesarean Imprisonment 57-59
3. Journey to Rome 59-60
4. House Arrest in Rome 60-62
5. Release (?) 62
What are 2 possible sources for Paul's religion?
1. Supernatural Explanation: Paul claims revelation of Christ (Gal. 1:11-12)
2. Natural Explanation: based on his conversion experience but not contact with the historical Jesus
What is the theme of Galations?
Justification by faith in Christ alone
Who is the author of Galations?
What are two views of the destination nof Galatians?
1. Northern Galatia (no record of Paul's ever visiting this area; area very difficult to reach)
2. Southern Galatia (preferred view) this is where Paul planted churches during his 1st missionary journey;collection delegates do not include any from N. Galatia
Was Galatians written before or after the Jerusalem Council?
Before. No mention of the decisions of the JC but it was precisely the issues Galatia was having
What is the provenance of Galatians?
What is the date of Galatians?
AD 48
What were the purposes of Galatians?
1. False teachers were preaching a different gospel
2. they were intent on detaching the believers from Paul
3. they were introducing Jewish teachings (holy days,(circumcision, works of the law)
MAIN: Defense of the True Gospel
What is the traditional view of the identity of the false teachers? What are some other popular options?
Traditional view: Judaizers
Other options: local Jews, Local Gentiles, Jewish Christian Syncretists
What is the key verse of Galatians?
2:15 (justified by faith)
Who was the first European convert and from where?
Lydia from Philippi
To whom did Paul write while in Corinth?
Who are 2 key figures Paul met in Corinth?
Priscilla and Aquilla
Where was Paul when he preached about the "unknown god"?
Who is the author of 1st Thessalonians?
Paul is uncontested as the author
What are 3 reasons to oppose Paul as author of 2nd Thessalonians?
1. Too similar to 1st Thess. indicating someone copied it.
2. Problems in eschatology
3. Problems in tone (more strident and urgent than 1st)
What was the destination of Paul's letter to the Thessalonians?
Give 5 facts about Thessalonica
1. founded by Cassander who succeeded Alexander the Great
2. Roman status of a "free city"
3. Populous
4. Wealthy
5. Many choices for religions
What was the provenance or occassion for Paul writing Thessalonians?
Paul left Macedonia in a hurry. He wanted to strengthen the faith of the Thessalonians
What is the date of Thessalonians?
AD 50-51 (based on records indicating when Galeo was in power)
What were the purposes of 1 Thessalonians? (3)
1. defend Paul's integrity
2. encourage faithfulness in face of persecution
3. comfort with and teach them about the Lord's return
What were the purposes of 2 Thessalonians? (3)
1. commend the church for enduring persecution
2. correct false teaching about the "day of the Lord"
3. discipline those living in idleness
What is the key verse of 1st Thessalonians?
What is the key verse of 2nd Thessalonians?
What are 4 special issues regarding Thessalonians?
1. Evidence of a longer stay
2. Evidence of a shorter stay
3. Textual interpolation of 1 Thess. 2:13-16
4. The order of the letters (some consider them out of order)
What are 3 strong arguments in favor of a longer stay in Thessalonica?
1. There was a large number of Gentile converts
2. Paul ministry was bi-vocational
3. Paul acknowledged receiving aid from the Philippians more than once while in Thessalonica
What are 3 strong evidences for a short stay in Thessalonica?
1. Acts 17:2 Luke mentions 3 Sabbaths
2. Could have been large numbers of converts in a short time
3. Phil. 4:16 Paul expresses surprise he received funds more than once while in Thessalonica
What are 5 key facts about Corinth?
1. land link between the east and west
2. Place of incredible license
3. Corinthanize means to visit a prostitute
4. 46 BC "New Corinth" founded by Julius Ceasar
5. Large Jewish presence
How long did Paul stay in Corinth?
1 1/2 years
Who was responsible for reporting to Paul of the factions, immorality and theological error in Corinth?
Chloe and a delegation from Corinth
What is the date of 1st Corinthians?
AD 55
Who wrote 1 Corinthians?
Paul with Sosthenes as a secretary
What is the provenance of 1st Corinthians?
Who were the recipients of 1st Corinthians?
The church at Corinth
What was the occasion for writing Corinthians? (3)
1. To respond to info that there had been quarrels and error in the church
2. To answer a list of questions from the church
3. to prepare them for a visit from Timothy and Paul
What are 3 key themes of 1st Corinthians?
1. The impact of the Christian gospel on the life of a Christian
2. the ordering of the local church
3. Paul had a problem with their theological and ethical stance
What are 7 issues in the Corinthian church?
1. Partisan groups
2. personal attacks against Paul
3. abuses at the Lord's table
4. infamous immorality
5. lawsuits among believers
6. abuse of spiritual gifts
7. false doctrine (esp. The Resurrection)
What is the key verse of 1st Corinthians?
What is the key verse of 2nd Corinthians?
Who is the authro of 2nd Corinthians?
What is the date of 2nd Corinthians?
AD 55 or 56
What is the Provenance of 2nd Corinthians?
Who are the recipients of 2nd Corinthians?
The Church at Corinth
What is the Occasion of 2nd Corinthians? (3)
1. To reaffirm Paul's affection for them
2. To re-ignite enthusiasm for the collection
3. to rebuff intruding opponents
What are 3 key themes in 2nd Corinthians?
1. The new covenant ministry of the Spirit
2. strength in weakness
3. inner dynamic of the Christian life
What is the theme of Romans?
The Gospel of God
Who is the author of Romans?
What controversy surrounds the authorship of Romans?
The role of the amanuensis, Tertius:
Did he compose it from an outline by Paul? OR
Did he take shorthand from Paul and later expand it? OR
Most probably word for word and written in Greek
What is the date of Romans?
AD 57
What was the momentous transition in Paul's career during the writing of Romans?
His work in the east is over, he is eyeing the west - looking to Spain via Rome
What is the provenance of Romans?
Who was the letter bearer of Romans?
Phoebe, a Corinthian
Who was Paul's host in Corinth?
What was the destination of Romans?
The church at Rome, although some MSS omit "in Rome" in 1:1. This could be because the letter circulated and many would not read it if it was addressed to someone else
How did the church in Rome get started?
Most likely founded by the diaspora Jews following Pentecost. After Claudius expelled all the Jews, the Gentiles would have continued the church
What was the make-up of the church at Rome?
Gentile with a strong Jewish element
What is the Occasion and purpose of Romans?
Paul possibly needed to clear up questions about his gospel and unify the church under the gospel to effectively launch a missionary trip to Spain
What is the theme of Romans?
The gospel of God
What is the key passage of Romans?
What are 2 special issues regarding Romans?
1. the integrity of the letter
2. Minor differences in arrangements that have circulated in the past particularly around 16:24
According to Acts 16:6-10 what caused Paul to take the gospel to Macedonea?
The Holy Spirit
What are the letters that comprise the prison epistles?
Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon, Philippians
From where did Paul write the prison epistles?
A Roman prison
What is a common thread that runs through Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon, and Philippians?
They were all written from prison by Paul
Who is a common personality in Ephesians and Colossians?
Who are two common personalities in Colossians and Philemon?
Onesimus and Epaphras
Besides the location of writing and a common personality, what other paralell exists between Ephesians and Colossians?
They have verbal parallels
Which three prison epistles are most strongly connected?
Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon
What were 2 choices Paul had with Onesimus under Roman law?
1. He could pay for his freedom by sending Philemon $
2. Send him back to Philemon
Why is Ephesians considered a general letter if it was sent to the Church at Ephesus?
Because it deals with specific things germane to every believer everywhere.
Which book has the earliest attestation in the New Testament?
Ephesians - as early as AD 95
What are 3 categories of problems with regards to Pauline authorship of Ephesians?
1. Historical arguments
2. linguistic/literary arguments centered around vocabulary, style and relationship to Colossians
3. problems in theology
What is a specific historical argument against the Pauline authorship of Ephesians?
Paul knew a great deal of people in Ephesus but none of them are addressed in the letter. It is very general in tone.
What is a vocabulary concern with regards to Pauline authorship of Ephesians?
It varys about 5% from his other epistles in vocabulary
What is a concern with style with regards to Pauline authorship of Ephesians?
The sentences are very long.
What is the issue regarding Ephesians relationship to Colossians?
Some think they are so similar that Colossians was a template for Ephesians.
What are 3 theological problems with regards to Pauline authorship of Ephesians?
1. refined Christology (cosmos)
2. Universal Ecclesiology
3. Absence of Great Pauline themes
What are two reasons a letter might be written by a pseudipigrapha?
1. to fill in historical gaps
2. to promote false doctrine
What are 4 reasons to support Pauline origins of Ephesians?
1. Explicit claims by the early church and cannonization
2. structure is same as Paul's other letters
3. theme of justification by faith is covered though not in those exact terms
4. No convincing reason why a forger would craft this letter
What are 3 common provenances given for Ephesians and which is most likely?
1. Caesarea
2. Ephesus
3. Rome - best option
Which prison epistle has its provenance most questioned?
What are two possible destinations for Ephesians and which is most likely?
1. Laodicea (mentioned by Marcion)
2. Circular letter to the churches in Ephesus and surrounding area. (most probable)
What are two occasions for Ephesians?
1. Extensive evangelism in and around Ephesus
2. Thchicus and Onesimus were to be traveling through Ephesus
What is the date of Ephesians?
AD 61
What is the theme of Ephesians?
God's New Humanity: The Church: The body of Christ
What are 5 other related themes of Ephesians?
1. God's greatness
2. The Exalted Christ
3. The present aspects of salvation
4. The present position of believers
5. The unity and maturity of believers
6. The present walk of believers
7. The present spiritual battle
What is the key verse of Ephesians?
When was Colossae distroyed?
AD 61
Who is the author of Colossians?
What are 2 reasons for rejecting Pauline authorship of Colossians?
1. Literary: vocabulary unique, too dependant on Ephesians
2. Was the Colossian Heresy Gnosticism?
What are 4 arguments for Pauline origins of Colossians?
1. External evidence
2. internal arguments are not convincing
3. If Ephesians is genuine, Colossians probably is too.
4. The connection to Philemon strongly argues for Pauling authorship
What is the provenance of Colossians?
What is the destination of Colossians?
What is the date of Colossians?
AD 61
What are 3 reasons for Paul writing Colossians?
1. He received news from Epaphras
2. The opportunity provided by Tychicus
3. Paul wanted to warn them not to participate in the "Colossian Heresy"
What are 5 elements of the Colossian Heresy?
1. Philosophical in nature
2. Seems to invovle Jewish elements
3. connected to "tradition"
4. veneration of angels and visions
5. asceticism
6. Connected to the "elemental spirits of the world"
7. Separation
8. Speaks of "fullness" (pleroma?)
What are 5 options for the Colossian Heresy origin?
1. Hellenistic Mysteries
2. Gnosticism
3. Hellenistic Philosophy
4. Jewish opponents
5. Jewish mysticism
6 Jewish syncretism (most probable)
What is the key theme of Colossians?
The supremacy of Christ - His greatness and the proper response of God's people
Who was the amanuensis of Colossians?
What is the key passage of Colossians?
Who is the author of Philemon?
Paul (virtually uncontested)
What is the date of Philemon?
AD 61
What is a reason for dating Philemon before Philippians?
1. No mention of Epaphras' illness
2. Epaphras delivers Philippians but remains with Paul in Philemon.
What is the destination of Philemon?
To Philemon, the owner of Onesimus
What are 4 key facts known about Philemon?
1. wealthy
2. names of his wife and son
3. he has a house church
4. seems to have been a convert of Paul
What is manumission?
Freeing of a slave
What are two ways Paul suggests Philemon receive Onesimus?
1. as a brother
2. as he would receive Paul
What is the occasion of Philemon?
1. To reconcile Philemon with Onesimus
2. To tell of Paul's news to his fellow workers
What is the Key verse in Philemon?
What are 5 reasons a person might be a slave?
1. debt
2. seling oneself
3. military defeat
4. born a slave
5. exposure
What are 4 key facts regarding Paul's stance on slavery?
1. the only time he references a slave by name he all but demmands his manumission
2. He puts the slave and master on equal footing before the Lord.
3. He puts the slave and master in the same family if Christian
4. Both owner and slave are answerable to the Lord for their actions
5. Public renunciation would have been risky.