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Beliefs of Pharisees
New Testament Professors of religion.
Comparable to the Protestants of today
Very popular. Compensated for lack of God’s Authority with a strong knowledge of the law.
Strictly observed the Law of Moses...they were kinda obsessed with it.
Controlled the local synagogue--the place of study
They believed in spirits, resurrection and angels. (this is “Fair-you-see”)
Did not believe in revelation.
Beliefs of Sadducees
Like the Catholics, they focused on authority. They had authority, others did not.
They were the pro-Roman Jewish aristocracy
Controlled the temple--the place of worship
Elite and selective group. One had to be a Levite to be a Sadducee.
Did not believe in spirits, resurrection or angels. (this is “Sad-you-see”)
They were in favor of adopting Hellenistic practices.
What does synoptic mean? Which are the synoptic gospels?
Synoptic means “see-alike”
The synoptic gospels are Matthew, Mark and Luke.
What was each of the Gospel writers main purpose or emphasis in writing?
Matthew: Wrote to persuade the Jews that Jesus was the promised Messiah.
Mark: Wrote to the Gentiles, gospel of action
Luke: Writes to the Jews and the Gentiles, presenting Jesus as the Universal Savior.
John: Wrote to the members of the church who already had background knowledge about Jesus; Jesus is the literal Son of God
Who gave the strict blood line of Jesus’ genealogy?
Who wrote to point out Jesus’ royal lineage and the legal successors to the throne of David?
Of what did Jesus accuse the scribes?
Ye have taken away the fullness of the scriptures.
From where does the Book of Moses come?
The JST for the first few chapters for Genesis
How much information is missing from our present Old Testament?
There were many books taken out of the Bible and Joseph Smith had to re-translate a large amount of scripture.
How do the brass plates add to our understanding?
Brass plates, from Adam to Jeremiah, contained entire Old Testament and New Testament combined.
Who possess the original manuscript of the JST today?
The Reorganized Church
Were one or two plans presented in the premortal existence?
One - God's plan
Was there sin in the pre-mortal world?
Yes Jesus atoned for those too.
Do any other churches teach the doctrine of pre-mortal existence?
What did Jesus do as a pre-mortal spirit?
Created other worlds
What does Satan NOT do?
influence men to do good.
At the time of Jesus’ and Johns’ births, who would have been King of Israel and High Priest of Israel if the Israelites had been righteous and not under Roman rule?
Joseph would be King and Zacharias the High Priest
How old was John when he was circumcised?
Eight days.
What does circumcision symbolize?
Baptism, symbolized children are not accountable until 8yrs
When did John receive the priesthood and from whom?
Age 30 from a mortal
In what 4 ways did John precede Jesus?
Birth, Ministry, Death, and in his future Second Advent.
From whom did John receive his keys?
From an Angel, probably Gabriel. Had to be a translated being with a body so Moses and Elijah are also candidates.
What did Joseph decide to do when he learned that Mary was pregnant?
Put her away privately or in other words, divorce her in quiet so she would not be subject to the Jewish law.
Where did the angel say Jesus would be born?
The City of David (Bethlehem)
What type of men were the shepherds?
They watched the flocks used for sacrifice in the temple. They were probably very righteous people.
What does Bethlehem mean?
House of Bread
Did the shepherds keep the information given them by the angel secret?
No, they spread it abroad
Know which Old Testament prophecy Herod’s edict to slay the Bethlehem infants fulfilled.
Jeremiah - weeping in Ramah
Where did Jesus live between the ages of 12-30?
Where was Jesus baptized?
What does Bethabara mean?
House of the Ford
What was the role of the Holy Ghost? What is the sign of the dove?
Witnessed of the truthfulness of the act of Christ’s baptism. The dove signified the truth of Christ's deed.
What did Elder Nelson say about the location (Jordan) of Christ's baptism?
“For his baptism he was immersed in the lowest body of fresh water upon the planet. In service and suffering, he also descended below all things, that he could rise above all things.”
How does the JST change Matt. 4:1? "Then was Jesus led up of the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil"
"To be with God."
Who is Elias?
1) John the Baptist as a PREPARER
2) Jesus as a RESTORER
3) Joseph Smith as “THAT PROPHET”
Describe the situation of Jesus meeting with Nicodemus, and who was Nicodemus?
Came to Jesus by night.He was a Pharisee (means separatist), part of the Sanhedrin (Jewish Senate). Jesus told him about being born again, and Nicodemus left quietly and told no one.
What did Jesus teach about being born again?
It is usually a slow process “lifetime pursuit” change is slow. few exceptions (Alma the younger, Enos, Lamoni) are exceptions. The lord works from the inside out.
What is the difference between “seeing the kingdom” and “entering the kingdom”?
Seeing the kingdom: receive a witness by the holy ghost, enter the kingdom: receive the ordinances of baptism and the gift of the holy ghost.
Describe the situation with Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Where did this happen?
Samaria, Jacob’s well during the month of June when it was hot. He spoke to her of living water he offered and she soon recognized that he meant the gospel and she knew that he was the Christ.
What did the Samaritan women at the well do?
She went from calling Jesus a Jew to sir to prophet to Christ. She then went into the city and shared her testimony with the people.
Why was Jesus rejected in Nazareth?
He claimed to be the Messiah
Why was Jesus popular?
Christ was a popular teacher with many followers and was chosen to be the messenger of the congregation.
What prompted them to attempt to stone Jesus in Nazareth?
He told them the story of the widow and the leper and said that gentiles had more faith then them.
What are the events involved in Jesus calling 12 men to be his apostles?
1) Got John’s Disciples
2) Called “Part Time” disciples
3) Called “Part Time” to “Full Time” disciples
4) Called “Full Time” to the 12
5) Trained the 12
Who introduced Peter to Jesus?
What does Peter’s name mean?
Cephas, or Stone
Who was the “beloved disciple?”
John, (the Brother of James)
Who was translated?
Who was beheaded by Herod Agrippa?
What did the Samaritan women at the well do?
She went from calling Jesus a Jew to sir to prophet to Christ. She then went into the city and shared her testimony with the people.
Why was Jesus rejected in Nazareth?
He claimed to be the Messiah
Why was Jesus popular?
Christ was a popular teacher with many followers and was chosen to be the messenger of the congregation.
What prompted them to attempt to stone Jesus in Nazareth?
He told them the story of the widow and the leper and said that gentiles had more faith then them.
What are the events involved in Jesus calling 12 men to be his apostles?
1) Got John’s Disciples
2) Called “Part Time” disciples
3) Called “Part Time” to “Full Time” disciples
4) Called “Full Time” to the 12
5) Trained the 12
Who introduced Peter to Jesus?
What does Peter’s name mean?
Cephas, or Stone
Who was the “beloved disciple?”
John, (the Brother of James)
Who was translated?
Who was beheaded by Herod Agrippa?
What is the significance of the “ands” in the Book of Mormon account of the Beatitudes?
Jesus was teaching that each beatitude refers to people who come unto to Christ through baptism and the Holy Ghost
How do the poor in spirit inherit the kingdom?
Through Baptism
Through what medium are “they that mourn” comforted?
The Holy Ghost-the comforter
What are President Hinkley's Beatitudes?
1. Be grateful
2. Be smart
3. Be clean
4. Be true
5. Be humble
6. Be prayerful
Who gave Moses the Law?
Which law was based on rules?
Law of Moses
Which law was based on principles?
Law of Christ (Gospel)
In what way was the Law of Moses like a “half step?”
People weren’t ready for Christ’s Law, so as a reminder, through a strict law of moral behavior and commandments, to help them come from a Telestial to a Celestial level
What did Jesus teach concerning divorce and adultery?
There is no difference.
What does it mean to “put away” your wife?
Having a legal divorce just to make it appear “legal” before adulterous behavior with another woman was committed.
What is the difference between “divorce” and “writing of divorcement”?
Divorce= just to separate, Writing of Divorcement= legal divorce.
What hypocritical practice was Jesus condemning with this teaching concerning divorce?
Man handing his wife a bill of divorcement prior to committing adultery with another woman just so it would appear legal.
What does the JST say about if a man shall compel thee to go with him two miles?
and whosoever shall compel thee to go with him twain, thou shalt go with him twain.
What did Jesus teach about loving one’s enemies? What did Brigham Young and Joseph F. Smith teach?
Christ: Love your enemies.
B. Young: Never love a wicked man in his wickedness.
JFS: Love them enough not to hurt them or wish bad things upon them.
Why did Jesus teach “take no thought of what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink?” To whom was he speaking?
His Disciples/ the Apostles. They were to be provided for while on their missions
What is the gate to the celestial kingdom?
Can you fall off the straight and narrow in paradise?
No. If you are on the path when you die, you will not deviate.
Are “strait” and “straight” the same?
No. Straight means ‘direct; not deviating or crooked’. Strait means ‘narrow; close; not broad.
Can you become perdition after this life?
No. You must have the gift of the Holy Ghost to become perdition
How did Joseph Smith describe the type of revelation you must deny to become perdition?
You must literally have seen God the Father with your naked eye and have received a witness of truth from the Holy Ghost and then DENY it.
Will sons of perdition be resurrected?
What did Jesus and Joseph Smith teach about sign seekers? And what happened with the Campbellite preacher?
They are adulterous. The preacher asked for a sign and Joseph Smith offered him the choice of a list of cursings. The preacher believed in JS's power so much that he did not ask for a sign again.
Did Jesus use parables to teach the Nephites?
In what place did Jesus only speak in parables?
What incorrect beliefs held by the Jews did Jesus try to correct using Parables?
1. the kingdom would come suddenly, not gradually. 2. The Jews Could be saved as a race, just because they were Jews. 3. The kingdom would come in great military and political power
Is the parable the child of the doctrine or is the doctrine the child of the parable?
The parable is the child of the doctrine (i.e., the doctrine comes first, then the parable)
What did Joseph Smith teach was the “key” to understanding parables?
“enquire, what was the question which drew out the answer, or caused Jesus to utter the parable?”
From where does the word “parable” come?
Parable is Greek in origin and means “a setting side by side, a comparison”
What are the symbols of the 4 soils?
1. Seeds by the wayside represent HARD HEARTS filled with iniquity
2. Seeds in many stony places (or shallow soil) represent UNCOMMITTED HEARTS with no depth or roots
3.Seeds among thorns represent DISTRACTED HEARTS or hearts set upon the things of the world
4.Seeds in good ground represent SOFT HEARTS willing to receive gospel teachings
What is the interpretation of the “Kingdom of heaven”, the field, the sowers of the seed, the lines, “they had fallen asleep” and “Satan soweth tares”, “[drove] church into the wilderness”, and the Angels crying day and night
“Kingdom of heaven”=kingdom of God (the Church)
Field=the world
Sowers of the seed=apostles
“they had fallen asleep”=apostles’ deaths
“Satan soweth tares”=corruption in the Church; children of the wicked one
“[drove] church into the wilderness”=apostasy
Angels crying day and night=destroying angels (are good-want to remove the bad)
What application did Joseph Smith give for the parable of the mustard seed that grew into a tree and the birds lodged in its branches?
The church has grown through the BOM and God's miracles etc.
Explain how an apostle is chosen
1st: [There is] the need for a new leader;
2nd: The leader is chosen through the process of elimination by prophecy and revelation
3rd: The newly chosen one is officially called by one with unquestionable authority
4th: He is presented to a constituent assembly of the people
5th: He is ordained or set apart by the laying on of hands by those who are fully authorized
What was the order of preaching Jesus gave the disciples after his resurrection?
Jerusalem, Then all Judea, Then Samaria, Then the Uttermost parts of the Earth
When did Jesus give the Bread of Life sermon?
The 3rd year of his ministry in a synagogue in Capernaum while the people were on their way to the passover
What did the people want to do by force after the Bread of Life Sermon?
Make Jesus their king
For what did the Jews at Capernaum ask? And what was Jesus's reply?
What sign shewest thou then, that we may see and believe thee? God gave Moses bread in the wilderness and He sent me also.
After what event did many disciples walk with Jesus no more?
The feeding of the 5,000 where Jesus proclaimed he is the son of God
Why did Jesus call himself “Son of Man?”
Jesus asked his disciples, “whom say ye that I am” they answered that some say he is John the Baptist, Elias, or Jeremias, or a prophet. Simon Peter said “Thou art Christ son of the living God” Heavenly Father revealed it, not flesh and blood.
Who were people saying Jesus was?
John the Baptist
Why did Jesus say “thou art Peter”
To illustrate the connection between mortal and immortal. It was as if Christ was telling Peter “I am going to give you immortal power”.
What was the rock upon which the church was built?
1.Revelation 2. Christ 3. Priesthood Keys
What does "Petros" mean?
Christ referred to “the gates of hell not prevailing”, against what would they not prevail? (5 things)
1) if Satan had been victorious in the war in heaven,
2) if there saving ordinances were not available in each dispensation,
3) if the gospel had not been taught to the spirits in prison,
4) if there was no vicarious work for the dead,
5) if it wasn’t for other vicarious work pertaining to the exaltation which those who accept the gospel might receive
**Hell cannot prevail against revelation.
What definition did Pres. Joseph F. Smith give for the keys of the kingdom (priesthood)?
the keys of the priesthood refer to the power of directing the labor performed with God’s authority at the proper time, place, way, and order
What happened on the Mount of Transfiguration and when did this event occur?
Christ was transfigured, Peter, James, and John received their endowments, received keys from Elijah and Moses, were transfigured. This was 6 days after Caesarea Phillipi in October
Who was at the Mount of Transfiguration?
Moses, Elijah and John the Baptist as translated beings. Along with Peter, James, John and Christ
What type of beings were Moses, Elijah and John the Baptist on the Mt. of Transfiguration?
Moses and Elijah were translated beings, John was a spirit personage.
What did John the Baptist, Moses, and Elijah each represent on the Mt. of Transfiguration?
John represented the fulfillment of the law of Moses, Moses was a symbol of the law (keys of gathering), Elijah represented the prophets (keys of sealing) and Peter, James and John were the first administrators of the new kingdom (law)
What did they see on the Mt. of Transfiguration?
a vision of the transfiguration of the earth in the millenial day
What event in this dispensation parallels the events of the Mount of Transfiguration?
The restoration of the keys in the Kirtland temple in 1836.
What 2 mountains are the best candidates for the Mt. of Transfiguration?
Mount Hermon and Mount Tabor.
What is the difference between Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. When was each held? What did they commemorate?
Passover: April, destroying angel passing over Israel in Egypt, aka feast of unleavened bread.
Pentecost: May, 50 days after passover, commemorates first fruits, aka feast of weeks.
Tabernacles: October, final harvest, aka feast of in-gathering.
When was the Day of Atonement?
October, 5 days before Tabernacles
What is the Feast of Lights or the Feast of Dedication? What did it commemorate?
Hanukkah, celebrates Jewish independence, recovery of the temple
Know the exchange between Jesus and the Jews concerning Abraham and his declaration of “I AM.”
Jesus told the Jews that he was the Great I Am, their father; they answered him by saying that they were of Abraham’s seed.
Who did each (Jesus vs. Jews) accuse the other of having as his father?)
The Devil.
Of what did the Jews accuse Jesus?
) They accused him of being illegitimate (born of fornication) because Jesus was contended that Joseph wasn’t his father; they insulted him by calling him a Samaritan and by saying he was possessed of the devil.
Why did Jesus say Abraham had rejoiced?
Jesus said Abraham rejoiced to see his (Jesus’) day-he saw Jesus in vision.
What did Jesus actually declare?
He was declaring that he was Jehovah, the Great I Am, the Messiah.
What did the disciples ask Jesus that indicated they were aware of a pre-mortal existence?
Did this man sin (in the pre-existence) or did his parents sin to deserve such a misfortune?
Why wouldn’t the parents answer questions about their blind son that was healed?
They did not want to be excommunicated.
Why did healing the blind man on the sabbath cause a division among the people?
Healing on the sabbath is a sin, but he did a good thing.
What happened to the healed blind man?
He was cast out of the synagogue (excommunicated), followed Jesus
Who were the “other sheep"?
Nephites in America.
What interpretation was given in class for the various parts of the parable of the good Samaritan? The certain man, Jerusalem, Samaritan, priest, Levite
Certain man: us;
Jerusalem: Presence of the lord/ the Celestial Kingdom;
Samaritan: Christ;
Priest: Priesthood ordinances alone won’t save you;
Levite: Law of Moses alone won’t save you.
What was the “key of knowledge” the lawyers had “taken away”?
the fullness of the scriptures
What principle is taught through the parable of the barren fig tree?
Christ gave the Jews every opportunity to repent and return to God. When He finished His ministry, they would have no further excuse and would be destroyed.
What did the prophet Joseph Smith add to Jesus’ doctrine “ye are Gods”? What did Paul teach?
God was once a man Himself. We are joint-heirs with Christ.
What is the meaning of the parables of the Tower Builder and the Rash King?
It takes serious commitment to be a disciple of Christ - don’t follow if you can’t continue.
What types of people do the parables of the Lost sheep, Lost coin, Lost son represent?
Lost sheep: wander without intention of becoming lost
Lost coin: lost through carelessness or neglect
Lost son: lost through willful disobedience
The Prodigal Son. What did he do with his inheritance?
He wasted it away with riotous living
How did the Pharisees and Scribes view “feeding swine?”
Anything dealing with swine was considered to be the lowest, most disgusting situation possible.
Was the prodigal son restored to the privileges he had ‘forfeited”?
No. “The consequence of his earlier decision ‘is following him up, for the farm is gone. The ‘father’ himself cannot undo the effect of the foregone choice.’”
What did Joseph say about the spirit world?
All the conceptions of the afterlife: hades, sheol, paradise, spirit prison are in one place
Where is “Abraham’s Bosom” in the context of this parable?
Paradise in the spirit world.
Was there an intermingling of righteous and wicked in the spirit would prior to Jesus visit?
Was there intermingling of spirits after Jesus’ visit?
Where did Brigham Young say the spirit world was?
On the earth
Where was Jesus when he received word that Lazarus was sick? Where was Lazarus? .
Perea. Bethany, 25 miles away
How long did Jesus wait before going to heal Lazarus?
2 days wait +2 days travel = 4 days. Jesus wanted to make sure that when Lazarus was raised there would be no way to explain it away: he wanted to make sure he was not just mostly dead.
What type of being was Lazarus when Jesus raised him? Resurrected?
No. He was mortal
What did the chief priests and Pharisees decide to do with Jesus? With Lazarus?
The chief priests and Pharisees wanted to kill both Jesus and Lazarus
What is the most accurate interpretation of Jesus’ teaching about the camel and the eye of the needle?
It should be thought of as an exaggeration to make a point. Like, “Ye blind guides which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.” One cannot swallow a camel. It is said to dramatize his point.
What is the message of the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard?
1. Do not compare yourself to others. Be satisfied with what the Lord allots you.
2. It is possible those who entered late to work in the field had to work extra hard to catch up to those who had been there all day.
3. Father has promised to all that labor diligently in his name his kingdom, all that he hath. The penny that each laborer received cannot be more than, ‘all that he hath.’
What occurred during Jesus's Triumphal Return?
He entered the city on the colt. A large multitude spread out garments in the way and others cut down palms branches from the trees and strawed them in the way. They shouted “Hosanna to the Son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord,”
Who prophesied about Jesus' return and what was in the prophecy?
Zechariah prophesied about the kings return to Jerusalem on the back of a colt.
What does "hosanna" mean?
save now
Where did Jesus stay each night during the last week of his life?
Because Jewish leaders sought to kill Jesus he stayed in Bethany with Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Bethany is about 1.5 miles away from Jerusalem.
How did Jesus respond to the question, “By what authority doest thou these things? and, who gave thee this authority?”
Jesus said, I will answer if you tell me from whence the baptism of John was; was it from heaven or of men. They refused to answer because Jesus would trap them. If they said it was from heaven, he would profess the same power, and if they said it was of men, the people would be angered; they feared the people. Later Jesus said, If you will not tell me from whence is the baptism of John, I will not tell you by which authority I do these things.
What did the wearing of the wrong clothes represent in the parable of the Royal Marriage Feast?
Not wearing the correct garment depicts the failure to accept Temple covenants, (In Old Testament times the king provided the clothes that you wore to the wedding, you didn’t wear your own clothes.
Which two groups joined together to “entangle” Jesus on the question of paying tribute?
The Pharisees and Herodians
To what groups of people would the hypocritical Pharisees and Scribes be compared today?
Pharisees- Protestants
What are phylacteries?
Hebrew custom of wearing a box with strips of parchment containing certain Old Testament laws. It would be worn on the head and arm
What is the origin of using phylacteries?
The origin is through traditional interpretation of Exodus
What did Jesus mean by “ye build tombs of the prophets and garnish the sepulchers of the righteous”?
The religious of the day tend to reject the work of living prophets, but worship with reverence the words of the dead prophets.
From Jesus’ discourse what are the two times that the abomination of desolation would occur
1.In 70 AD at the hand of the Romans (a million Jews slaughtered, destroyed temple, saints followed revelation and were spared because they fled).
2. At the Time of the Second coming (All nations will fight against Jerusalem, Lord will come and fight against those nations; He will be King).
What are the false Christs and false prophets?
False religious systems false teachers and expounders of those systems.
Know about the symbolism of the Carcass
Abram covenanted by dividing carcasses. Eagles gather where carcass is, Christ shall be center of second coming/gathered because of our covenants.
What did Joseph say about Christ’s statemen that neither men nor angels would know of the day and hour of his coming?
God will not do anything save he reveal it to his servants the prophets. God will reveal the day and hour of his coming before he arrives.
What causes the burning at the 2nd coming? Who is burned at His coming?
The presence of the Lord. Telestial, Sons of Perdition
Who will come with Christ at the second coming?
Celestial resurrected saints from Adam to the time of the Second Coming
What color will Jesus’ robe be? When the grand sign of Jesus’ coming is given, what did Joseph Smith say that some people of the world would think it was?
Red. a planet, comet, etc.
To whom does the parable of the sheep and goats apply- the world or members of the Church?
Members of the church
Why did 5 virgins not share their oil?
Spiritual preparedness cannot be shared; it is not shareable.
How is the date of Passover determined?
Passover is determined by a Lunar Calendar. The first full moon after spring Equinox is when it is celebrated.
With what feast had the Passover been combined?
The Feast of Unleavened Bread.
In what order was the bread blessed and broken?
The bread was first broken then blessed like the sacrament.
Describe the “seating” arrangement at the last supper. Were the disciples “sitting”?
The Disciples and Jesus sat at a Triclinium/three sided table. Jesus as the host probably sat at one end with his honored guests at either side.
Which disciples were on each side of Jesus at the last supper?
Judas most likely sat to his left and John to his right.
When did Jesus say he would again drink wine with his disciples next after the last supper?
During the sacrament meeting of Adam-ondi-Ahman with many other immortal beings.
What did Peter volunteer to do at the last supper?
Follow Christ to death.
Explain Jesus’ conversation and relationship with Peter during the last supper.
Jesus was telling Peter that, “where I go ye cannot come.” Peter was claiming he would be willing to die with Jesus.
How does Jesus and Peter's conversation during the last supper relate to Peter's denial of Christ?
Later on, it could’ve been the reason why Peter would have to deny Christ three times before the cock crowed, so he could stay alive and serve as President of the Church when Christ was gone.
Did Peter ever deny his testimony of Jesus?
Peter only denied knowing Christ. He never denied Christ’s divinity
How did Joseph Smith say John 14:2 should be translated instead of “In my Father’s house are many mansions”?
it should be- “In my Father’s Kingdom are many kingdoms,” in order that ye may be heirs of God and joint-heirs with me.
Who are the 2 comforters?
1. The Gift and constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, 2. Personal Visitations from the Lord Jesus Christ.
Explain the parable of the True Vine. What do the vine and branches each represent?
Christ is the true Vine, the apostles are the branches, (The Father is the husbandman). Christ is the one who atoned for the sins of mankind, the apostles are those who carry that message to mankind. Both vine and branches are necessary to produce fruit.
What was the Day of Atonement?
Also called Yom Kippur associated with The Feast of Tabernacles. It was a fast day held in October. Five Days after the feast of Tabernacles.
What did the High Priest do on the Day of Atonement?
Enter the temple Holy of Holies and perform a ceremony where he would cleanse himself, wear special garments, sacrifice a bull place the bull’s blood in specified temple areas. Then cast lots on two goats and offer two rams as sacrifice.
What is a scapegoat?
It is a goat with which the high priest cast the sins of Israel onto. He would then send it out into the wilderness to the evil one.
What is the more complete meaning of “knowing God"?
Only those who are like God can know God. You must be sealed, remain faithful to the end and experience eternal increase to “know God
What was the circumstance that caused the guards to be knocked backward?
When the guards said they sought Jesus of Nazareth, Christ declared His divinity: He responded, “I AM.” The power of Christ’s words combined with his bloodied appearance caused the guards to back away and fall to the ground
What did Peter do when the guards came to take Jesus away? What did the disciples do?
Cut off the ear of the high priest’s. The disciples fled.
Jesus’ trial took place in 2 stages. What were they? Before whom did he appear in each?
Jewish trial and Roman Trial. Jewish: Annas, Caiaphas, and then Sanhedrin/ Roman: Pilate, Herod, and then Pilate again
Who were Annas, Caiaphas, Herod, and Pilate?
Annas- former high priest. Caiaphas- Roman appointed high priest (son in law of annas). Herod- Tetrarch of Galilee. Pilate- Roman procurator of Judea.
Who was Barabbas? What does his name mean?
A murderer in Pilate’s prison. “Son of the Father”
Where was the trial conducted? Were the Jews allowed to go into this place?
The Palace at the Antonia Fortress.Their own laws dictated that they could not enter a gentile dwelling because it would defile them during the Feast of the Passover.
To whom did Pilate send Jesus? .
To Herod Antipus who decapitated John the Baptist
What did Pilate have done to Jesus?
He had him scourged (whipped and beaten) by the Roman soldiers and made a mockery in an attempt to appeal to the humanity of the Jews and their leaders. Then, to no avail, ordered the Crucifixion of Jesus.
What does Golgotha mean and where was it located in regards to the temple?
The Place of the Skull. It was north of the temple.
What is a better translation of “today shalt thou be with me in paradise?”
“This day thou shalt be with me in the world of the spirits.”
What did the rending of the Temple veil symbolize?
This Symbolized the opportunity for everyone to enter God’s Presence through the atonement.
What happened after Jesus’ resurrection?
The graves were opened. Saints were resurrected.
What do we learned happened in America at the same time Jesus was resurrected?
Samuel prophesied that saints would rise again and appear unto many, and Jesus scolded the Nephites for not writing that it happened as was prophesied
To whom was Jesus statement “touch me not” given?
Mary Magdalene.
Were all 12 disciples present when Jesus appeared the afternoon of his resurrection?
Two Disciples were missing.
Which two disciples were missing at Jesus' resurrection?
Thomas was missing, and Judas was either dead or would be soon
What was unusual about Jesus’ appearance to the 2 men on the road to Emmaus? Did they recognize Jesus?
He appeared as a man. Only after Jesus had expounded the scriptures and broke bread and blessed it did understanding fill their minds and then Jesus vanished.
To whom did Jesus’ appear after his resurrection?
1. Mary Magdalene
2. Other women [Mary mother of James (and Jesus) Johanna and Salome]
3. Two on the way to Emmaus (Cleophus and another).
4. Peter
5. To the ten disciples (not Thomas or Judas (who was dead or would be shortly)
6. To the eleven (once Thomas was back).
7. To the seven beside the Sea of Galilee.
8. To the eleven and possibly 500.
9. To James at some point.
10. On ascension day near Bethany.
11. Saul (later Paul)
12. To John on the Island Patmos.
13. To a large multitude of Nephites
The Assyrian Captivity
The Assyrians came in 721 BC and captured the ten tribes leaving Judah and Benjamin (the Southern kingdom)
Babylonian Captivity
Babylon captured Assyria/Jerusalem in 587 BC and destroyed Judah
Saul, David and Solomon
Solomon is the son of David who was the son of Saul. They were the 3 kings of the undivided kingdom of Jerusalem in the 1000 BC era.
Persia conquering Babylon
Persia defeated Babylon. King Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to Palestine.
When and by whom was Hellenism introduced to Judea
It was introduced in 332 BC by Alexander the Great
When was the Maccabaean Revolt?
167-160 BC
When did Rome conquer Palestine and under whose rule?
63 BC under Pompey
What is the course of Abia as it pertains to Zacharias and Elizabeth?
The course of Abia is a family which is a direct descendant of Aaron. Both Elizabeth and Zacharias are from Aaron's lineage and had to go perform temple work as part of their course of Abia.
What happened at Caesarea Phillipi?
Jesus gave Peter the keys of the sealing and told him that he was the rock upon which the church would be built and Hell would not prevail against it.
Describe the circumstance of the woman taken in adultery
It was a set-up. The woman was guilty, but she was committing adultery with one of the pharisees so they could not convict her with condemning themselves because the witness would also be the executioner.
What did Kimball say about the woman taken in adultery?
She was not forgiven, she was just told to go and sin no more.
What is Christ's doctrine of Matt 5 (hand)?
If you right hand offends you cut if off. Aka, if your friend is causing you to stumble, cut him off.
What is the doctrine of Matt 18 (hand/foot)?
If your hand or foot offends you, cut it off. It is better to enter the world maimed than to have 2 hands and feet and be cast into everlasting fire.
What is Jesus's role as the mediator?
Moses was the mediator of the "old covenant." and Jesus is the mediator of the "new covenant". Meaning they mediate between God and their people.
What principle is taught through the parable of the barren fig tree?
Jesus wanted to give the Jews every chance to be saved before destroying them.
To whom did Jesus appear after his resurrection?
Mary Magdalene, 2 women, 2 men, Peter, 10 disciples, to the 11 & the 7, to James, to Paul, John, and 2500 in America.
3 Nephi adds 5 beatitudes: Poor in spirit (baptism), Mourn (baptism/HG), Meek (get the Earth), Hunger and Thirst (filled w/HG), Pure in Heart (See God)
Why are the "ands" in the beatitudes in 3rd Nephi important?
To remind us that these promises are only if we are baptized.