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Starting Quarterback
Drew Brees
Starting Wide Reciever 1
Joe Horn
Starting Wide Reciever 2
Marques Colston
Starting Running Back
Deuce McAllister
Starting Full Back
Mike Karney
Starting Tight End
Mark Campbell
Starting Left Tackle
Jammal Brown
Starting Left Guard
Jamar Nesbit
Starting Center
Jeff Faine
Starting Right Guard
Jahri Evans
Starting Right Tackle
Jon Stinchcomb
Starting Defensive Left End
Charles Grant
Starting Defensive Right End
Will Smith
Starting Left Corner Back
Mike McKenzie
Starting Right Corner Back
Fred Thomas
Starting Strong Safety
Omar Stoutmire
Starting Free Safety
Josh Bullocks
Starting Defensive Left Tackle
Brian Young
Starting Defensive Right Tackle
Antwan Lake
Starting Strong Side Line Backer
Scott Fujita
Starting Middle Line Backer
Mark Simoneau
Starting Weak Side Line Backer
Scott Shanle
Starting Kicker
John Carney
Steve Weatherford
Starting Kick Return
Michael Lewis
Starting Punt Return
Reggie Bush
Starting Long Snapper
Kevin Houser
Jamie Martin
Wide Reciever 1
Terrance Copper
Wide Reciever 2
Devery Henderson
Running Back
Reggie Bush
Tight End
Billy Miller
Left Tackle
Zach Strief
Left Guard
Montrae Holland
Jonathan Goodwin
Right Tackle
Rob Petitti
Defensive Left End
Willie Whitehead
Defensive Right End
Josh Cooper
Left Corner Back
DeJuan Groce
Right Corner Back
Jason Craft
Strong Safety
Jay Bellamy
Free Safety
Bryan Scott
Defensive Right Tackle
Rodney Leisle
Strong Side Line Backer
Alfred Fincher
Middle Line Backer
Danny Clark
Weak Side Line Backer
Terrence Melton
Billy Cundiff
Kick Return
Aaron Stecker
Punt Return
Michael Lewis
Third String Wide Reciever 1
Michael Lewis
Third String Wide Reciever 2
Jamal Jones
Third String Running Back
Aaron Stecker
Third String Tight End
John Owens
Third String Left Corner Back
Curtis Deloatch
Third String Strong Safety
Steve Gleason