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what kind of system activates the low level afff system
optical detection system
false activation of afff could cost _______ due to:
damage to aircraft
cost to recharge the system
cost of run-off retention
cost of afff removal
associated manpower expenses
what are some of the peculiar items you need to be aware of in a shore based hanger
painted red fire lanes
portable co2 fire extinguishers
aircraft electrical system
manually or autumatically operated hanger doors
aircraft grounding points with 10ohms or less
hazmat may pose a substantial hazard to ______ _____ or the ___________
human health or the environment
what is a jcn
9 character alphanumeric code that is the basis for data collection
what is a work unit code
a numeric or alpha-numeric code that identifies the system or subsystem of the malfunction
discrepancy maintenance
cannibalization maintenance
assist maintenance
facilitate other maintenance
conditional fix phase
conditional look phase
special inspection one workcenter
special inspection control
technical directive
what is newtons first law
inertia object at rest will remain at rest object in motion will remain in motion.
what is newtons second law
when an object is acted on by an outside force the change is directly proportional to the amount of force
what is newtons third law
action reaction
how are a/c visual identification in COMNAVAIRLANT used to identify aircraft from different units
the first character shall be a through m and the second character a through z
what happen 14 november 1910
first take-off from a ship. in a curtiss plane from the bermingham
what happen 8 may 1911
captain chambers prepared requisitions for 2 glenn curtiss biplanes for $5,500 curtiss and the wrights trained a pilot and mechanic
what happen 20 june 1913
first death in naval aviation ensign william billingsley was thrown from a b-2 at 1,600 ft
what happen 22 oct 1917
birth of QA 14 men were enrolled in an inspectors school.
what happen 10 march 1948
FJ-1 fury made first carrier landing on the uss boxer
what happen 7-8 may 1942
coral sea
what happen at coral sea
us broke japanese code. it was the first carrier verses carrier battle. the lexington was sunk and the yorktown was damaged stops japan from invading australia
what happen at midway
turning point in the pacific war. us broke japanese naval code us crews sank 4 japanese carriers and japan sank the yorktown. japan lost control of the pacific
what happen 3-5 june 1942
battle of midway
what happen 13-15 november 1942
battle of guadalcanal
what happen at the battle of guadalcnal
the five sullivan brothers were on the juneau when it was limping back for repairs and was struck by a torpedo and sank
what year was the natops established
what types of audits does qa do
special, workcenter, and program
whan is the mmp prepared and distributed by
the 25th of each month
what does nalcomis stand for
naval aviation logistics command management information system
what does ooma stand for
optimized organizational maintenance activity
what are the tiers of ooma
maintenance subsystems
material subsystems
flight subsystems
platform software interface
cm/logs and records subsystems
what is tracked with ooma
nmcs/pmcs status
flyable discrepancies
non-flyable discrepanies
alss status
se status
mission mounted equipment status (mme)