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what is the objective of the NAMP
is to achieve and continually improve aviation material readiness and safety standards
what are the two types of maintenance described in the NAMP
rework and upkeep
_____________ Conducted between flights to ensure the integrity of the aircraft for flight, verifies proper servicing, and detects degradation that may have occurred during the previous flight. Good for 24 hours, provided that no flight occurs during this period and no maintenance other than servicing was performed.
______ Conducted to inspect for defects to a greater depth than the turnaround inspection. It is valid for 72 hours without flight or major maintenance and the aircraft can be flown for 24 hours before another daily is needed as long as it does not surpass the 72 hour time limit.
Special inspection is
scheduled inspection with a prescribed interval other than daily or phase. are based on elapsed calendar time, flight hours, operating hours, or number of cycles or events,
_______ maintenance requirements are unscheduled events required as the result of a specific overlimit condition, or as a result of circumstances or events which create an administrative requirement for an inspection.
This inspection divides the total scheduled maintenance requirement into smaller packages, or phases of the same work content. These are done sequentially and at specified intervals
Performed at the time a reporting custodian accepts a newly assigned aircraft or support equipment from any source and on return of an aircraft from SDLM or other major depot level maintenance.
Performed at the time a reporting custodian transfers an aircraft or support equipment.
Two of the most critical aspects in naval aviation are the release of an aircraft __ __ _____ and the _______ of the aircraft.
safe for flight