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loss of pain and temp sensation in arms and shoulder
muscle weakness and loss of sensation in LEFT arm
RIGHT middle cerebral artery (contralateral)
muscle weakness and loss of sensation in LEFT leg
RIGHT anterior cerebral artery
spastic paralysis, loss of proprioception LEFT leg and loss of pain and temp sensation RIGHT leg
hemisection of LEFT spinal cord
spastic paralysis both legs
total transection of spinal cord
flaccid paralysis, loss of sensation, both legs
Guillian-Barre syndrome
muscle atrophy, fasciculations both arms and legs
loss of pain and temp sensation LEFT arms, legs, body.

paralysis of left arms, legs and body

loss of sensation right lower face
"wallenberg syndrome" (right lateral medulla)
sensory loss both hands and feet ("sock and glove pattern")
peripheral neuropathy
loss of sensation over buttocks, perineum, impotence
cada equina lesion