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What is hte main excitatory nt of the brain?
What nt is deficient in Parkinson's disease?
-progressive degeneration of the nigrostrial pathway
Trx for Parkinson's?
Monamine oxidase B inhibitor
ex. Deprenyl
What nt are targeted by tricyclic antidepressants?
NE and 5HT up-take
What nt are associated with Huntington's (Chorea)?
GABA, ACh decrease
What partsof the brain are lost in Huntingtons?
putamen and caudate nucleus of the cerebral cortex
What nt is Schizophrenia assocaited with?
Increased DA in the limbic system
Can DA cross the BBB?
What can be given the Parkinsons pt to increase their DA levels?
DA precursor that can cross the BBB
What is the committing and rate limiting step of catecholamine synetheis?
Tyrosine hydroxylase
Monamine oxidase a has a preference for what nt?
NE and 5HT
inhibited by clorgyline
Monamine oxidase b has a preference for what nt?
DA and N-methyhistamine
Inhibited by Deprenyl
What 2 enzymes are required for DA metabolism?
Monamine oxidase and Catecholamine-o-methy transferase
What is the endproduct of DA metabolism?
What is NE broken down to in the periphery?
What is urinary vanillylmandalate diagnostic for?
detection of a pheochromocytoma (adrenal medulla catecholamine secreting tumor)
What is NE broken down to in the CNS?
What is 5HT broken down to?
5-Hydroxyindole acetate
How is 5HT signaling terminated?
Na dependent uptake
What does GABA R-a have allosteric binding sites for?
diazapam and barbituates
How is GABA transmission stopped?
Its taken up by glial cells, where it is broken down to glutamine.
How is glycine transmission stopped?
Na dependent uptake to the pre-synaptic cell.
What needs to bing NMDA R to activate them?
Glycine and glutamine
In the CNS, what is histamine metabolized to?
N-methyimidazole acetate
In the periphery, what is histamine metabolized to?
Imidazole acetate
What are the 3 opiod peptides?
POMC, enkephalins, dynorphins
How are the opiod peptides activated and inactivated?
Proteolytic clevage
What can you not take with nitroglycerine?
Viagra--NO metabolism