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thinking, communicating, motor movements and behavior are examples of which type of processes?
breathing, BP, heartbeat and conscious are examples of which type of intrinsic processes of the brain stem?
what makes up the brainstem?
a fibrous curtain that separates the intracranial cavity?
an incomplete curtain of dura that separates the supratentorium?
faux cerebri
what matter covers the hemispheres
gray matter made up of neurons
what matter is the middle later made up of?
white matter: myelinated axons
what makes up the inner mass of gray matter in the brain?
name the "ridges" that compose the outer cortex of the hemispheres
what fissure separates the frontal lobe from the parietal?
what lobe of brain is responsible for the primary source of motor fxn?
frontal lobe
what will a lesion in the back of the frontal lobe cause?
contralateral weakness and hyperreflexia
what strip (sensory/motor) lies anterior to the central sulcus of rolando?
primary motor strip
what strip (sensory/motor) lies posterior to the central sulcus of rolando?
primary sensory strip
a lesion of the anterior parietal lobe will cause??
contralateral sensory dysfunction
what is the visual pathway?
optic nerve--> optic chiasm -->tracts to lateral geniculate body of thalamus...
the white matter connections that course through the temporal lobe to the parietal lobe to make their way to the visual cortex?
meyer's loop
a lesion of the temporal lobe visual pathway will cause?
contralateral SUPERIOR visual field defect
"superior quadrantanopsia"
a lesion of the parietal lobe visual connections will cause?
inferior visual defect
"inferior quadrantanopsia"
a lesion of the primary visual cortex will cause?
contralateral complete visual field defect
what is an example of a higher cortical function that is represented on only one hemisphere?
speech dominance
what is an example of a sensory/motor function that does not respect lobar boundaries?
the limbic system
what is the entry portal for short term memory and is intimately involved in learning as well as regulating mood and affect?
the limbic system
which lesions of the limbic system are the only ones to be symptomatic?
bilateral lesions
how do the cortical functions of the four lobes within one hemisphere connect with one another?
subcortical white matter tracts
ex: superior/inf longitudinal fasciculi
subcortical white matter tracts connect with the brainstem and spinal cord by way of a condensation of white matter tracts called?
the internal capsule
very small vascular lesions in the tight condensation of white matter connections in the internal capsule can lead to ?
severe weaknes=lacunar strokes
what does the infratentorial compartment of the cranium contain? (posterior fossa)
brain stem, cerebellum
what connects the brainstem and the cerebellum?
superior/middle/inferior cerebellar peduncles
in a patient with nystagmus, where would you suspect a lesion?
the inferior tonsils, inferior/lateral flocculus and nodulus (all control vestibular-ocular coordination)
what does the reticular formation of the brain stem control?
respiaration, heartrate, bloodpressure and consciousness
what cranial nerves arise from the midbrain?
which cranial nerves arise from the pons?
which cranial nerves arise from the medulla?