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Which nerve rootlets are invaded by a Pancoast tumor?
Cervical - VIII
Thoracic - I
What is the resulting syndrome of the interruption of sympathetic nerve fibers from the superior cervical ganglion
Horner's Syndrome
Why is there weakness associated with this disease?
There is an autoimmune response that attacks the P/Q Ca channels in the synapse. This does not allow Ach to be efficiently released.
Why does excercise reduce the weakness?
With prior activity (exercise), Ca2+ builds up in the pre-synaptic neuron and permits greater ACh release, somewhat rescuing the muscle activity.
How long to SCLC patients live if untreated?
6-17 weeks
What drug is the main drug used to help the muscle weakness?
What three things does LES present with?
1. Proximal muscle weakness
2. Lack of tendon reflexes
3. Dysfunction of autonomics
How does LES affect the compound AP produced after continuous contraction?
Reduced compound muscle action potential that shows potentiation following contraction.
In LES are the minature endplates normal? How about the AchRs?
Miniature EPPs (single quanta) are normal-- as are muscle ACh receptors
How do the antibodies against the Ca channels affect the channels?
Reduced Ca2+ influx is not due to blockade of channel directly-- hypothesis is that the autoantibody cross-links to the channel antigen and increases its rate of channel internalization.
What type of tissue do SCLC develop from?
SCLCs develop from neuroectoderm -- will be related to neural tissue.
What happens to the normal quantal release in a LES patient?
It is reduced due to the reduction of Ca influx. This means less vesicles fuse to release Ach.