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stains the perikaryon of neuronal cell bodies blue/purple
cresyl violet
when cns axons are damaged, neuron cell bodies undergo _____, in which the color of Nissle staining is lost
staining method for visualizing dendritic trees
Golgi silver impregnation
protrusion from the dendritic surface which receives a synapse, they come in what types?
spine. thin, mushroom, stubby
types of synapse where clear round synaptic vesicles are found, type of transmission, features of synapse
Gray's Type I, and Gray's type II
characteristics of Gray's type I synapse:
vesicle type
transmission type
synapse features
clear round vessicles
pronounced synaptic cleft and prominent post-synaptic density
characteristics of Gray's type II synapse:
vesicle type
transmission type
synapse features
clear pleomorphic vesicles
inhibitory transmission
narrow synaptic cleft and indistinct post synaptic density
characteristics of varicosities
transmission type/ transmitters
synapse features
small dense core vessicles
neuromodulation, w/ catecholamines, indoleamine, monamines
swellings along axon
characteritics of large dense core vesicles:
2000 Angstrom diameter
may act as cotransmitters/neuromodulators
modified astrocytes which guide migration of neurons to proper destination during development
radial glia
functional groups of syapses, sheathed by glia
astrocytes called ___ in grey matter, ___ in white matter
protoplasmic, fibrous
oligodendroglia are called __ in grey matter and __ in white matter
perineuronal, interfascicular