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what structure serves as a relay for the sensory info? and where does this info go?
the relay is thalamus and the info is carried to the cortex, remember this is all sensory
what are the sensory neurons?
afferents, located dorsally they bring sensory info like visual, auditory, pain , touch to the nervous system
what are the motor neurons?
motor neurons are efferents, located ventrally, they synapse on the muscles
how many types of the motor neurons are there?
there are 2 types of MN,
1) brain and spinal chords> send axons thru lower MN, effected by polio
2)motor cortex> they send neurons axon thru upper MN, and when effected cause ALS
what are the interneurons?
they serve as the mediators b/t sensory and motor neuron, make up about 95% of our neurons, they allow communication b/t motor and sensory
how many types of Interneurons are there?
2 types
1)projection> these go through many different tissues
2)local> these go through a certain type of tissue
what is a neuromuscular Junction? what kind of axon?what is the target?neurotransmitter released?what receptors bind?
NMJ> is cholinergic
Axon>lower MN
Target>muscle fibers this is where axon from Lower MN synapse
Receptor> nicotinic
what is the function of neurons?
neurons process information, they carry signal from the Nervous system and once depolarized they release NT
what do glial cells do?
glial cells nurture neurons, they are responsible for maintaining homeostasis for the neurons like maintaining GF, and NT
What are astrocytes?
glial cells, the are CNS, and they are responsible for maintaining GF
what are oligodendrocytes?
they are myellin producing glial cells of the CNS
what are microglial cells?
their function is still un-clear but they are considered the immune cells of the nervous system
what are they myellin producing cells of PNS?
schwan cells, they may or may not produce myelin
what are satellite cells?
they are located next to the cell bodies of the sensory neurons, theu make sheath
where would the afferents be located? where would efferents be located?
afferents or sensory would be located dorsally, and efferents would be located ventrally MN,
what is the NT for sensory/dorsal side of the spinal chord?
these synapse on the dorsal horn of the sp. chord, the cell bodies lie in DRG, and release norepi
what is the NT for MN? where are they located?
MN are located on the ventral side and they usually release Ach