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What is tropism? tropism for polio? progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy?
tropism = the predilection of a particular microbe for a specific neuroanatomic region
polio = anterior horn cells
PML= oligos
Herpes= temporal lobe
How does obstructive hydrocephalus occur? 2
abcess,mass,tumor impairs the reabsorption in the arachnoid villi
occlusion of ventricular system i.e TB granuloma at the foramen of magendie
What is leptomeninges? what?
Infection of the meninges, involving the subarachnoid space
Encephalitis- invasion of the brain parenchyma by a virus
E coli, h influenza, n meningitis, and pneumococcus causes? results in?

TB and cryptococcus cause?
Acute bacterial meningitis, which results in hydrocephalus and the prolif of connective tissue

Chronic meningitis...hydrocephalus
Neurosyphillis? what are the 2 symptoms that are widespread in the CNS?
10% of patients get...
1. meningovascular syphillis resulting in general paresis (due to widespread neuronal cell death) and tabes dorsalis (degeneration of sensory fibers in dorsal columns)
What is a hallmark pathologically of acute viral encephalitis 2?
inflammatory cells that do perivascular infiltration

viral inclusion bodies
HIV in CNS infections? Special tropism? microglia or neuronal?
Opportunistic infections 4?
Prevalence of lymphoma's?
Only attacks microglia (not neurons)
Causes diffuse damage to neurons
Cytomegalovirus, Herpes, Cryptococcus, PML
Yes. Kaposi's Sarcoma
How do spongiform encephalopathies occur?
what codon implicated?
prions undergo a conformational change from alpha coils to beta pleated sheets
CODON 129- determines severity
Glasgow Coma Scale
Eyes 4,3,2,1
Verbal 5,4,3,2,1
Motor 6,5,4,3,2,1
4 spontaneous movements
3 to verbal commands
2 to pain/noxious stimuli
1 not at all
5 oriented/converes
4 disoriented and converses
3 inappropriate things
2 Incomprehensible sound
1 Nothing
6 obeys movement
5 localizes pain
4 flexor withdrawal
3 flexor abnormal
2 extension
1 no response
Glasgow Coma scale sum
GSC <8
GSC 9-12
GSC 13-15
and their correlation with motor scores (6-1)?
GSC <8 severe 1-3 motor
GSC 9-12 moderate 4-5 motor
GSC 13-15 minor 6 motor
What are the biggest threats to TBI in field? How to counteract? In hospital? What is monitored?
biggest threat = hypoxia, hypotension, and anemia
TX- ABCs- intubation/resuscitation
Hospital- increase O2 perfusion, monitor intracranial pressure
What are contact loading injuries? result in what 2?
How bout inertial loading injuries such as rotational and translational acceleration? results in what 1?
Focal lesions in brain.. resulting in epidural and subdural hematomas

Coup and Contracoup contusions, leading to increased intercranial pressure
What morphological changes occur from TBI that result in visible brain injury on MRI? Increased risk for? In recovery, where do you see neurogenesis?
Necrosis, Inflammation, and Apoptosis,,, may lead to increased risk of alzheimer's
CA1 region of hippocampus; causes epilepsy???