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is there an inc or dec in metabolic activity when there is direct damage to the cell body of a neuron?
what are often generated during CNS damage?
-oxygen free radicals
-they can cause peroxidation of cell membranes that can adversely alter the properties of those membranes
what happens during alzheimers?
-AAA (aphasia, agnosia, apraxia)
-neurofibrillary tangles
-amyloid bodies
what happens in parkinsons?
-degeneration of SN leads to dec DA in striatum
-temor, rigidity, bradykinesia
what happens in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?
-mixed UMN and LMN disease
-degeneration of alpha motor neuron in SC and BST motor nuclei
what nuclear changes occur during apoptosis?
-chromatin condensation
-nuclear fragmentation
what regulates the apoptotic process?
-a caspase cascade
what happens during chromatolysis?
-hypertrophy of CB
-eccentric location of nucleus
-nissl is dispersed
-protein synthesis increases
-nerve damage with no interruption of the nerve or its sheath
-disruption of the axon without rupturing the myelin sheath
-both neuronal and myelin sheath are ruptured
which direction is wallerian degeneration?
what happens in guillain-barre syndrome?
-segmental demyelination
-proximal weakness
-no sensory involvement
-proteoglycan that promotes functional synapse formation
-made by motor neurons
what happens when agrin binds to its receptor?
-leads to a clustering of ACh receptors and to synaptogenesis
what does neuronal regeration imply?
-regrowth of damaged nerve fibers
totipotent cell
-can become any type of cell in the body
pluripotent cell
-can develop into many different types of cells
what type of cells have the best potential for human therapies?