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4 main composing factors of neurons
-cell body
-terminal boutons
receive message, signal has to be strong enough. collect electrical message, radiate from the cell body.
cell body
contains a nucleus and organelles, axon too.
delivers electrical signals to dendrites of another cell to an effector cell, long and wirelike. ends with a terminal bouton
terminal boutons
knoblike structures at the end of an axon
3 types of neurons
1. sensory (afferent)
2. motor (efferent)
3. interneurons
sensory neurons
carry information to the brain
motor neurons
carry information from the brain
connecting neurons, responsible for integration and "mind"
4 functions of astrocytes (as part of CNS)
1. provide spinal scaffolding for neurons
2. help support neurons metabolically
3. help in repair of brain injury
4. help degrade neurotransmitters