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In terms of clincial symptoms both aseptic meningitis and encephalomyelitis show signs of headache and fever. However, what is the one clincial symptoms found in encephalomyelitis that is not found in aseptic meningitis?
mental status changes
What kind of virus is poliomyelitis?
Picorna virus
pico-RNA=small RNA virus
What family of viruses does poliomyelitis belong to?
What is the host range of picorna virus?
Primates only=restricted host range.
How is the picorna virus spread?
Fecal-oral route.
Where is the primary replication of picorna virus?
Throat/Lymph tissues
Where is the secondary replication of picorna virus?
Describe the sequence of travel of picorna virus.
Throat-->Lymph tissues nearby-->Peyer's Patches-->Lymph-->Blood-->CNS
Did Salk's killed virus vaccine provide cell mediated immunity or humoral immunity?
Humoral Immunity
What is post-polio syndrome?
Residual damage of aging polio survivors
Polio has a tropism for what parts of the brain?
Motor strip and the brainstem.
Poliovirus is a rapidly cytocidal virus. What does this mean?
Replicating immediately once it has infected cell.
Laboratory Diagnosis involves:
Acute and convalescent antibody testing.
Where is the reservoir for poliovirus?
What virus is non-enveloped?
What viurs is RNA, single-stranded viurs, and LARGE?
How is the Rabies virus shaped?
What viurs is enveloped?
Who are hosts for Rabies?
All warm-blooded animals.
Generally, what is the morality for Rabies?
Laboratory Diagnosis:
You suspect your patient has rabies. Your suspicion is confirmed when you find what in the cytoplasm of the patient's cells?
Negri bodies?
How many antigens does Rabies have?
One-it's a single antigenic type.
Rabies causes a problem with humans but NOT other warm-blooded animals. What does this indicate epidemiologically?
This indicates that humans are intruding on the ecosystem of warm blooded animals.
What is the number one animal in this country transmitting rabies to humans?
1.What does active prophylaxis for rabies involve?
2.What does passive prophylaxis for rabies involve?
2.Administer antibodies near or around the site of infection
How is arbovirus transmistted?
What illness does arbovirus cause?
What is a recent example of an arbovirus?
West Nile
What virus can be transmitted from bird to human but not from human to human?
West Nile