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What type of meningitis invokes a milder response and can resolve quickly on its own (many times asymptomatically)?
Viral Meningitis.
Viral or Bacterial?
-Most common cause of meningitis
-Very common in environment
-Many individuals are colonized with it in nasopharynx
-Many are neurotropic
Streptococcus pneumonia
-Common amongst children <2yoa, since they can NOT make antibodies against this bacteria.
-Not common b/c children area vaccinated...but BEWARE since there are many unvaccinated children.
Haemophilis influenzae
Mahno says "Haeee" chooo!
-Most prevalent after strep pneumo.
-Common amongst college dormitories or armed forces (closed quarters.)
-Mostly seen in young teenagers or early 20's and 30's.
-It is very virulent and can be very deadly.
Neisseria meningitides
-Prevalent amongst new born babies, since they are exposed to it in the birth canal during labor
Group B streptococcus
Group "B"--B for babies
-Not seen as commonly.
-Often mistaken as a contaminate due to its morphology (gram + bacillus)
-Immunosuppressed individuals are more at risk***
Listeria monocytogenes
Listerine is a positive thing for our mouths
The majority of aspetic meningitis cases are due to what?
What does the CSF for aseptic meningitis contain?
Increase lymphocytes rather than PMN (as with bacterial)
Hip flexion occurs when the neck is flexed, due to meningeal inflammation. What is this sign called?
Brudzinski's sign
Headache, fever, chills, irritability/confusion, full blown coma, and focal neurological symptoms are all symptoms of what?
Bacterial Meningitis!
What are the clinical features to look for in neonatal meningitis?
1.Increased head circumference-swelling expands fontanelles
3.Limp baby
What is one looking for in a spinal tap?
Cells, protein, sugar!
What type of infection shows elevated white cell count-PMN's?
Bacterial meningitis.
What type of infection shows elevated lymphocytes?
Aseptic Meningitis.
What type of infection shows CSF glucose depressed?
Bacterial meningitis.
What type of infection shows glucose within normal range?
Aseptic meningitis.
What type of infection has CRP and Lactic Acid elevated?
Bacterial meningitis.
What type of infection has CRP and lactic acid NOT elevated?
Aseptic meningitis.
What condition could cause elevated lymphocytes BUT extremely low sugar?
Carcinomatous meningitis and tuberculosis.
Positive india ink staining of CSF indicates the presence of what organism?
What stain is used for TB and fungus?
Acid-fast stain.
What type of culture is used for herpes?
What type of culture is used for viruses?
Elderly individual in nursing home lethargic and with headaches. Spinal tap revealed sugar low, protein high and grame- bacilli (commonly seen in elderly and immunocomprimised). History of UTI and incontinence.
Klebsilla pneumoniae.
What 2 treatments must be used for bacterial meningitis?
Corticosteroids along with antibiotics!