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What is the main imaging modality?
Having anything below what spinal cord level is ABNORMAL?
What are the 2 common congential anomalies of the spinal cord?
Spinal dysraphism (Spina Bifida) and Tethered Cord
Name the congential disease:
1.Dorsal protrusion of the meninges and CSF
2.NO neural tissue/nerve roots
3.Covered by skin
Name the congential disease:
1.Dorsal protrusion of CSF and neural contents
2.NOT covered by skin
What abnormality is frequently associated with tethered cords?
Name the congential illness:
1.A failure of normal cord involution.
2.Basically the cord extends below the L2 level.
3.Short thick filum terminale and low lying conus medullaris
Tethered Cord
What is it called when someone has a split cord and they have 2 spinal cords?
A young child with scoliosis should be checked to make sure there is no association of what?
Tethered cord.
Tumors located outside the dura are referred to as what?
Tumors located within the dura but outside of the cord are referred to as what?
Intradural, Extramedullary
Tumors located within the cord are referred to as what?
An aneurysmal bone cyst is located where?
Patient has:
1.low back pain
2.cauliflower type benign lesion in spine
3.non-tender, sometimes painless slow growing benign tumor
4.located extradural
Patient presents with:
1.Hip and Back Pain
2.Complains that Hats don't fit him well anymore
3.Imaging shows an abnormal thick looking bone b/c of abnormal redmodeling
Paget's Disease
What imaging technique would be most useful for Paget's Disease?
Nuclear Medicine
A drop metastasis refers to what?
Leptomeningeal Metastasis.
What two tumors are imp. when considering intradural tumors?
Nerve sheath tumors and meningiomas
What is the big demyelinating disease?
What are big intramedullary tumors?
What are the 2 types of gliomas?
Name the tumor:
1.Can include any part of the spinal cord (mostly), including the conus and filum terminale
2.Enlargement of cord
3.Usually good prognosis
What type of malformation does the baby have?
1.Skull-small posterior fossa
3.Brain--colossal dysgenesis, hydrocephalus
4.Cord--myelomeningocele, syrinx-->100% will have myelomeningocele as well as a syrinx
5.Image: ventricles look normal, elongated 4th ventricle, corpus callosum doesn't develop completely, almost as if the spinal cord has been pulled down
Chari II malformations
What is the disorder?
1.Associated with folic acid deficiencies
2.Absence of the cranial vault
3.100% fatal prognosis
What is diagnosis?
1.NOT a dreadful diagnosis
2.Improperly formed posterior fossa
3.Cerebellum and brainstem are displaced downward, below the level of the foramen magnum
4.Associated with syrinx (fluid in spinal cord)-->if syrinx then will have neurologic deficits.
5.Perform imagain of this disorder to make sure patient does not syrinx.
Chari I Malformation
What is the diagnosis?
1.Abnormal flow of CSF allows abnormal accumulation of CSF
2.In Chari I, the cerebellar tonsils may disrupt CSF flow and create an abnormal pathway.
Syringomyelia (Syrinx)