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What is the blood supply to the brain?
The blood supply to the brain consists of 2 circulation ; anterior circulation (MCA, ACA) and posterior Circulation (basiliar artery which is the fusion of the 2 vertebral arteries, and PCA).
What is the characterstics of MCA lesion?
Middle cerebral artery (MCA) lesion characterized by :
A)Contralateral motor lesion which involves the face and the arm > the leg.
B) Contralateral sensory loss which involves the face and the arm> the leg.
C)Aphasiais the dominant hemisphere is involved
-Broccos:Broken speech.(Inferior frontal lobe)
-Wernicke:Wordy Speech.(Temporal).
What is the characterstics of ACA lesion?
a)Contralateral motor and sensory loss involving Leg> face and arm.
b)Urinary incontienence.
c)Personality changes.

What is the characterstics of PCA invovlment?
Visual Loss , visual hallucination, contralateral visual field cut(hemianopsia)

What is the characterstics of Basilar artery invovlment?
The patient will also complain of motor and sensory lesions which is characterzed by being cross paralysis cranial nerve or sensory facial nerve lesion on one side and motor or sensory lesion on the contra lateral side
What is the best intial step in any case of a sudden onset of focal neurological lesion?
CT Scan without contrast
What are the TPA contraindication?
-onset of symptomos< 3hrs.
-14 day:surgery< 14days.
-21 day: Bleeding<21 days
-3 months: ischemic stroke< 3months.
-History of brain hge.
-PT> 15 seconds.
-Platlets count< 100,000.
What is the indication of surgery in Cartoid artery stenosis?
Stenosis >75% + Symptoms
What is the indication of anticoagulant use in stroke?
Only given in case of high risk of reccurence; AF, Basilar artery thrombosis or in case of stroke on evolution “Symptoms worsens within minutes to hrs”.
What is the side effect of Ticlopidine?
What is the value of Asrpin in stroke?
Given acutely for prevention.
When do use Plavix (Clopidogrol) in stroke?
Recurrent stroke for patients on asprin already.I.e: Asprin fail.
What is the most senstive test for emblolic strok?
What is the most senstive test for hgic stroke?
Ct scan without contrast.