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What is Multiple scelerosis?
Neurological lesions separated by space and time. More than one area of the CNS is involved in more than one attack.
What is the best INITIAL test for multiple Scelerosis?
When do we use Lumbar puncture in Multiple scelerosis?
-When MRI result are equivocal and non reliable to reach a diagnosis.

-"Oligoclonal bands"
Multiple sclerosis treatment?
-During relapses I.V steroids
-Inbetween attacks: (slow progress of the disease.
a)Beta 1a Interferon( Avonex)
b)Beta 1b Interferon( Betaseron)
c)Copolymer A (Copaxone)

Chronic progressive MS: No effective drug.
Managment of Multiple sclerosis patient+ pain
Managment of Ms patient + Spasticity
Baclofen or Zanaflex.
Managment of Ms patient+ fatigue
Amantadine or provigi.
Hot climate effect on MS
Promotes weakness.
What is the most efficient anti-parkinson's drug?
What is the side effects of L-dopa/carbidop( Sinemet)
a)Psychosis: Due to increased level of dopamine.
c)GIT upset.
Late side effects /response fluccations
a)On/off symptoms
b)Dyskenisea: Abnormal Movements.
c)Akinesia: Restless.
How do you treat the functioning or reasonably functioning parkison's patient?
a)Age>60------> Amantadine.
which would may caue confusion, dry mouth, urine retention.
How do you treat the non-functioning parkinson's patient?
What to do if patient starts to exhibit L-dopa/cabridop side effects?
1)Dopamine agonists
Pergolide, Pramipexole,Ropinirole.

2)COMT inhibitor : Tolcapone.

Dopamine agnoists is better to than COMT.
What the drug that can slow the progress of parkinson's disease?
MAO-B inhibitor: Selegline.
How to Diagnois huntington Chorea?
a)Abnormal movments(chorea)
b)Abnormal Behavior.
C)Postive family history (autosomal dominant)
a)Chromosomal analysis:Huntington protien on chromsome4
b)CT may show boxcar ventricle "enlarged" (from loss of caudate)with cortical atrophy