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When do you start a patient on an AED for seizures?
After 2 unprovoked seizures.
Ideally, how many AEDs do you want the patient to be on?
ONE -- 70% of ppl will be controlled on monotherapy, adding second drug will control 5% more, but if three drugs don't control, consider surgery.
How do you dose an AED?
Start with monotherapy, if side effects too bad, lower the dose and add second AED. Continue taper until second drug becomes monotherapy.
Phenytoin = Dilantin
1. Na channels
2. partial
3. gingival hyperplasia, hirsutism, ataxia
What happens if you infuse Phenytoin too fast?
Which AED is used ppx to reduce incidence of seizure after a head trauma?
PHenytoin (Dilantin)
Carbamazepine = Tegretol
1. Na channel
2. partial, trigeminal neuralgia
3. hyponatremia, agranulocytosis, diplopia
Valproic acid = Depakote
1. Na channel, GABA rec
2. partial, gen, absence
3. GI sxs, tremor, wt loss, hair loss, hepatotox, thrombocytopenia, teratogen (neural tube defects)
1. GABA rec
2. partial, generalized
3. sedation
Ethosuximide = Zarontin
1. T-type Ca channel
2. absence
3. GI sxs
Gabapentin = Neurontin
1. unknown mechanism
2. partial
3. sedation, ataxia
Lamotrigine = Lamictal
1. Na channel, glutamate rec
2. partial, generalized
3. rash, Stevens-Johnson synd