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A mixed nerve related to sensory and motor
Spinal nerve
The sensory fibers from the body going to the brain
Dorsal root of the spinal nerve
Located in the dorsal root - the cell bodies of the sensory neurons of the PNS
Dorsal root ganglion
The motor neuron fibers from the brain to the body
Ventral root
Unmyelinated cell bodies of the spinal cord
The gray H
Sensory posterior
Posterior or dorsal horns
Motor anterior - the white stuff insude the spinal cord
Ventral horns
Myelinated nerve fibers going up or down the cord
What are the 3 cords of the spinal cord?
Posterior, lateral and anterior
Name for the 1st neuron in the spinal cord
Primary sensory neuron
What type of a nerve enters the spinal cord?
Where does the synapse of the 1st and 2nd neuron take place?
In the gray H
What is the name for the 3rd neuron?
Where does the 2nd neuron synapse with the 3rd neuron?
In the brain
Where does the 3rd neuron travel?
to the cerebral cortex
Describe the 3 neuron pathway in sensory from body to brain
1st neuron located in body
2nd neuron located in spinal cord
3rd neuron located in cerebrum
Name for the main sensory area of the brain
Post central gyris
What is located behind the central sulcus in the parietal lobe?
The post central gyrus
Explain how the 3 neurons get to the brain.
1st neuron located in body enters the dorsal horn and goes to the spinal cord-synapses in grey H
2nd neuron travels up to thalamus w/ 3rd neuron which is found in the spinal cord - 3rd neuron goest to the post central gyrus
Define contralateral
Opposite side
Define ipsilateral
Same side
How are the specific names of the spinal nerve tract named?
1. Where the nerves start
2. Where they travel in the spine
3. Where they are going
Pain and temperature 1st sensory neuron enter the spine via what?
Dorsal spinal root
1st neuron synapses with the 2nd neuron where?
in the dorsal horn
Where does the axon of the 2nd neuron move?
To the contralateral side
What you feel on the left side of the body is going to what side of the brain?
The right side
Where does the axon move once it goes to the contralateral side?
Up the spinal cord in the lateral column on the opposite side of the cord to side of the body from which the 1st neuron started
The ascending neuron reaches what part of the brain?
The ascending neuron synapses with a 3rd neuron that runs where?
To the postcentral gyrus
The major sensory area of the cortex
Postcentral gyrus
What lobe is the postcentral gyrus located?
in the parietal lobe
Name for the spinal tract in which all the sensory neurons travel
Lateral spino thalamic tract up the spine to the thalamus
Pain and temperature 1st neurons are different in that they ...
synapse with an extra neuron in the spinal cord
What is the name of the 2nd neuron?
Internucial neuron
A shortcut to make something react before one gets hurt
What acts as a relex neuron that stimulates a motor neuron that moves a body part out of danger?
Internucial neuron
Another term for involuntary motor response
A reflex
Sensory input from the body comes from what region?
Area of the body served by sensory portioin of the 1st spinal nerve
Any degree of sustained force on the body
Needs a widely separated 2 point discrimination in order to tell what is touching you
Crude touch
2 points can be very close together and can tell that it's 2 points touching you
Fine touch
How close or how far apart 2 objects can be away from each other before you can identify being touched by 1 or 2 objects
Two point discrimination
What body parts have a high 2 point discrimination?
Fingers and tongue
Feeling in 3 dimensions - being able to identify by feel what you are touching with your eyes closed
Being able to tell where your body is at without looking at it - located in the muscles and tendons
Sense receptors that can detect vibration
Vibratory sense
When a nerve is splitting - 1/2 neurons go one way and 1/2 neurons go the other way
Moving to contralateral side
Where is the T4 dermatome located?
In the chest/nipple area
Where is the T10 dermatome located?
In pressure and crude touch, the 1st neuron is located ...
in the body outside of the spinal cord
The cell body of the 1st neuron is located...
in the dorsal root ganglia
When the 1st neuron enters the spinal cord it...
bifurcates (splits into 2 groups)
Where do the branches of the 1st neuron go?
One enters the dorsal gray horn and synapses with a 2nd neuron... the other stays on the ipsilateral side and runs up the dorsal white column and enters the gray H
The 1st neuron that enters the gray H synapses with 2nd neuron whose axon cross over to where?
the contralateral white column
Axons travel and synapse with a 3rd neuron in the...
3rd neuron runs up to the ...
post central gyrus of the cortex
What is the name of the tract dealing with pressure and crude touch?
Ventral spino thalamic tract
Lateral tract deals with...
pain and temp
Fine touch and vibratory sense use another term for tract... what is it?
Proprioception receptors are located...
in the tendons, muscles and joints
Receptors for the other two sensations for fine touch and vibratory sense are located ...
in the skin
1st neuron cell bodies for fine touch and vibratory sense are located...
in the dorsal root ganglia
What is the diffenence with the 1st neuron for fine touch and vibratory sense?
These neurons do not synapse with 2nd neuron in the gray H. Instead the 1st neuron travels up the spinal cord on the ipsilateral side reaching the medulla of the brain stem
1st neuron synapses with the 2nd neuron in the medulla which then...
decacate to nucleus and travel up to the thalamus
2nd neurons synapse with the 3rd neuron in the --- and runs up to the ---
thalamus... post central gyrus of the cortex
Damage to one side of the cortex will result in --- and --- loss on --- side but still have --- and ---- on both side of the face
pain and temp
pressure and touch
Sensory neurons in the head and face don't use spinal nerves off the spinal cord, instead they use...
CN V - trigeminal nerve
Trigeminal means that it has...
3 branches
Cell bodies of the 1st neuron of CN V are found in the ---
semilunar ganglia or trigeminal ganglia
the 1st neuron enters the brain stem and synapses with 2nd neuron in the ---
nucleus of the descending tract of CN V in the medulla called the pons
The 2nd neurons cross over and ---
decussate and travel up to the thalamus
2nd neuron synapses with a 3rd neuron and travels up to the ---
post central gyrus of the cortex
What is the main sensory nucleus of CN V?
1/2 of the 2nd neurons decussate so 1/2 go --- and 1/2 go ---
to the right thalamus
to the left thalamus
With damage to cortex on 1 side you lose --- and --- on 1 side but still have --- and ---
pain and touch
pressure and touch
What has receptors in the muscles of mastication?
Proprioception fibers of CN V
What are the muscles of mastication?
Medial and lateral pterogoid and massitive and temporalis