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What is the embryological origin of CNS neurons, ependymal cells, and oligodendroglia, astrocytes?
What is the embryological origin of Schwann cells and PNS neurons?
Neural crest
What is the origin of the microglia?
What is the purpose of astrocytes?
physical support, repair, K+ metabolism, removal of excess neurotransmitter, maintenance of the blood brain barrier. Reactive gliosis in response to injury
What is the histochemical maker for astrocytes?
What is the puprose of the microglia?
CNS phagocytes.
What is the purpose of oligodendrocytes?
myelinate multiple CNS axons
What do oligodendroglia look like on H&E stain?
fried eggs
What are the layers of the peripheral nerve?
endoneurium - invests single nerve fiber
perineurium - surrounds fasicle of nerve fibers, must be rejoined in microsurgery for limb reattachement, permeability barrier
epineurium - dense connective tissue that surrounds the entire nerve