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How would a nurse assess CN XI
Palpate trapezius muscles while patient shrugs shoulders
When the babinski response is tested in an adult the normal response is
When sole is stroked, the toes contract and draw together
What is the appropraite nursing action when a patient, after undergoing a CT scan, is flushed and states that their stomach hurts
Call Physician - an alergic reaction is possible
During a PET scan, an Alzheimer's patietn tates that she feels dizzy and has a headache. What is the appropriate NI
Comfort patient as this is a normal reaction
After a lumbar puncture, the complication of a post-lumbar puncture headache may be avoided or managed in what way?
Have pt remain prone and on bedrest, analgesics, hydration
How would the nurse assess CN II
As them to view a Snellen Chart
What test might a dr order to check for cerebral circulation
Cerebral angiograph
What is the Romberg Test used for
Test a pts balance
After a lumbar puncture, a patient complains fo a severe HA. What should the response of the nurse be?
Tell the patient a HA is normal after a lumbar puncture
Important intervention prior to an MRI
Make sure no patient care equipment that contains metal enters the room
Changes in a neuro patient's behavior are most likely due to
chemical changes
The anterior cerebral artery is associated with the
Frontal and parietal lobes
Your patietn has a history of aspiration and trouble swallowing. This is associated with which CN
CN 10
Which of the following would indicated damage to CN XII (hypoglossal
Tongue deviates to the left when stuck out
Autitory Receptive Aphasia
Temporal lobe
Visual-Receptive aphasia
Parietal-occipital area
Expressive speaking aphasia
Inferior posterior frontal areas
Expressive writing
Posterior frontal lobe
NI for patient scheduled to undergo a ceregral angiogram
Prep and shave goin and local anesthetic, encouage plenty of fluids before procedure
Instruct pt to void prior to procedure
Why should a patient not sleep the night before an EEG is performed
to increase the change of recording seizure activity
Pt presents to ED c/o food having a metallic taste, ringing in their ears and facial numbness. Which CN could have a problem
What score on the Glascow Coma Scal means that the patient is in severe trouble
an 8
this CN tests pts ability to rotate their head and shrug their shoulders
Falx Cerebri is
Dura mater that dips between hemispheres
What dies CSF contain that differentiates it from other bodily fluids
A man is viciously beaten about the head and shoulders with a croquet mallet. He is presenting with aphasia and contralateral hemiplegia. Which cerebral artery do you suspect is bleeding