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common etiology to all neurodegenerative diseases?
protein misfolding that evades normal repair mechanisms and accumulates...results in more than normal brain atrophy
alzheimer's disease; what are the two lesions and what are the molecular pathological components associated with each?
intra or extra cellular? what see on imaging? therapuetic goal of AD?
senile plaques- Amyloid Beta proteins that are cleaved and remain extracellulary

neurofibrillary tangles- tau proteins that are abnormally phosphorylated- intracellular

can see senile plaques; goal is to reduce these plaques
Parkinson's; what is the lesion? what part of brain? What
Lewy bodies have replaced dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra; instead, have alpha-synuclein that have been ubiquinated and targeted for destruction
What are tau proteins normal fn?
how bout alpha synuclein?
tau- bind and stabilize microtubules in neurons;
alpha synuclein- plays a role in synapse function
How do you recognize frontal-temporal dimentia neuropath wise? how about tauopathies? what do both have in common?
frontal-temporal dimentia- cytoplasmic and nuclear inclusions involving tau proteins
tauopathies- neuronal/glial tangles involving tau proteins

both involve tau proteins
CJD; how progressive a disease?
cause? common symptoms?
very progressive- 6-12-18 months and you are dead.
get accumulation of a protein that has undergone a conformational change, maing it protease resistant

severe dimentia, ataxia, and visual disturbances
ALS; what see neuropath wise? what degenerates and results? How ultimately die?
cytoplasmic inclusions
involved degeneration of UMN and LMN resulting in denervation/atrophy
die from lose of diaphragm- suffocate to death