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What does the CNS consist of?
Grey matter, nuclei, white matter (ie. brain & spinal cord)
What does white matter consist of ?
dendrites, neuroglia (supporting cells within the CNS), lots of axons
What does grey matter consist of?
neuron cell bodies, neuroglia, axons, lots of dendrites
What does nuclei in the nerves system mean?
Collection of neuronal cell bodies within the CNS
Where is grey matter found?
What does the nervous system do?
convey sensory (afferent) and effector or motor (efferent) information around the body in order to respond to both external and internal stimuli
What does the PNS consist of?
ganglia & nerves
What does the autonomic nervous system do?
conducts impulses to smooth muscle of the viscera and blood vv. cardiac muscle and glands
What is a ganglion?
Collections of neuronal cell bodies outside the CNS