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White matter or gray matter - which is made up of mainly myelinated axons?
White matter
White matter or gray matter - which is made up mainly of cell bodies?
Gray matter
_______ is made up of mainly myelinated axons and aids _______ communication.
White matter, long distance
____ is made up of mainly cell bodies and aids ______ communication.
Gray matter, local
What is the term for the unique mantle of gray matter over the surface of the cerebral hemispheres?
Cerebral cortex
Nuclei are large clusters of ____ located deep within the hemispheres and brainstem.
cell bodies/gray matter
In the cerebral hemispheres, the _____ matter is on the outside and the _____ matter is on the inside.
gray, white
In the spinal cord, the _____ matter is on the outside and the _____ matter is on the inside.
white, gray
In the brainstem, both gray and white matter are found on the inside and outside, but most of the outside is ____ matter.
Give 3 different names for white matter pathways.
tract, fascicle, lemniscus, bundle
A white matter pathway that connects identical structures on the right and left sides is known as what?
Axons in the PNS form bundles called _________.
peripheral nerves
clulsters of PNS cell bodies are known by what term?
_______ pathways carry signals towards a structure.
Afferent (afferents "arrive")
_______ pathways carry signals away from a structure.
Efferent (efferents "exit")