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What are the two way sensory nerves can be processed?
Hierarchal- Top Down (military)

Parallel- Alternative systems (ant hill)
Name 5 divisions of the brain.
1.Telencephalon- basil ganglia and 2 cerebral hemispheres

2. Diencephalon- Thalamus (relay center) and hypothalamus (regulates)

3. Mesencephalon- Midbrain

4. Metencephalon- Pons and Cerebellum

5. Mylencephalon- Medulla
What connects the 2 hemispheres?
Corpus Collosum by the commisural fibers.

*Women are better are multitasking b/c they have more commissural fibers to connect the hemispheres.
What connects the various ares of the cerebral cortex together?
Association fibers.
Another name for the cerebral hemispheres?
What is the outter layer of the brain made up of?
grey matter/cell bodies
The inner layer of the brain is made up of what?
white matter (mylinated axons)
What is the name of the figure that shows the cortical location for sensory and motor function?
Broadmann's Areas
1,2, & 3 are associated with what?
Somatosensory (3, 1, 2)
Broadmann's Areas 4, 5, 6
4- Primary Motor
5- Somatosensory Association Cortex
6- Premotor Cortex
What is Brocca's area 44+45?
44+45 gives motor to speech.
What is broadman's area 22?
Helps you understand what you hear.
What part of the brain is comprised of the midbrain, pons, medulla, and reticular formation?
What part of the brainstem controls the cardiac and respiratory systems
? Medulla?
What part of the brainstem stimulates arousal for awareness?
reticular formation
What part of the brain receives a motor plan from the cortex and feedback from the spinal cord?
Where are the cell bodies of UMN?
Cerebral Cortex
Are alpha and gamma motor neurons UMN or LMN

Lower motor neurons include interneuron and alpha motor neuron all the way to the motor end plate
What is Babinksi sign?

What does a positive test mean?
Extension of the big toe and fanning of the other toes?

A positive test means there is damange to the corticalspinal tract.
What kind of neurons run in the Dorsal Column?
1st order Afferent (sensory)
What type of information does the dorsal column process?
proprioception, fine touch, and vibration sense.
Where does the dorsal column synapse?
the first order neuron synapses in the medulla, the second order neuron synapses in the thalamus
What neural pathway runs in the anterolateral column?
spinothalamic tract
Where does the spinalthalamic tract neurons synapse?
The first order neuron synapses on the second order neuron in the ventral horn
The second order neuron synapses on the third order neuron in the thalamus
What information does the spinothalmic tract carry?
pain, temperature, and light touch
2 point discrimination travels in which tract?
dorsal column tract