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a connection of the right and left side of the brain
connection of the right and left cortices
collection of cell bodies in the cns
collection of cell bodies in the pns
stainable rna complex present in highly secretory cells
nissl body
Medial Longitiduinal fasciculus
ascending from medulla, a connection b/w vestibular nucleus and motor nuclei of 3,4, & 6
What is function of the MLF
ensures that they eyes do not track with the head but stay directed at a point as the head moves
In the spinal cord what is the MLF a combination of?
vestibulospinal tract and the tectospinal tract
What info is carred by the dorsal column?
touch, vibration, proprioception fromt he body
What info does the Spinothalamic tract carry?
Pain and temperature from body
Where does the pain and temp info deccusate?
w/in 1-2 segements
Where is the lateral geniculate body and what does it carry?
in the thalamus, recieves the optic sensory information about the contralateral field of view
What is the reflex pathway associated with the tectospinal tract?
Activated whenever something moves from medial to lateral across field of view. Causes head to turn toward the stimuli.
What happens if the tectospinal reflex pathway is damaged?
the person ignores peripheral visual cues.
What info does the Vestibulospinal Tract carry?
It is the connection from the vestibular nucleus to the motor neurons in the spinal cord to help movement be coordinated relative to the orientation of the body/head.
What is the general function of the Locus Ceruleus and where is it found?
Awakens/ heightens awareness of sensation coming up SC
What is the Rubrospinal Tract do?
It is a projection from the red nucleus that inhibits extensors
What is the Spinocerebellar Tract?
projection of unconcious proprioception in the lateral cord to the cerebellum
Where is the reticular system and what is it responsible for?
These are the neurons dispersed throughout the brainstem. It activates (awakening), deal with autonomic stimulation, modulates sensory input
What are the symptoms with the Brown-Sequard Syndrome?
1. loss of pain and temp (side opposite and below), 2. loss of light tough and 2 point ipsilateral below lesion, 3. upper motion lesion ipsilateral and below the level of the lesion, 4. lower motor lesion at the level of the lesion due to the injury of cells directly and not axons
Alpha fibers
afferents from muscle spindle, myelinated. Strong effect on alpha motor neuron. Carry proprioception
C fibers
afferents carrying pain (unmyelinated)
What is the function of Fasciculus Gracilis
proprioception to lower extremity
What is the function of Fasciculus Cuneatus?
upper extremity sensory
Where do Fas. Cuneatus and Gracilis decussate?
between Spinal Cord and Base of Brain Stem
Where does the Corticospinal tract decussate and what is its function?
motor pathway, crosses at spinal cord, brain stem junction
Where is the decussation for the spinocerebellar path?
For the most part it remains ipsilateral
What does the Nucleus Ambgiuos contain and their function? Where is it located?
Nuclei for 9 & 10 for swallowing and speach in the medulla
What does the Nucleus Solitarius carry, Where is it located?
CN 7,9, & 10 for taste and sensory to tongue, located in the medulla
What does the Spinal Nucleus of 5 carry?
Somatic Sensory for 5,7,9, and 10
What does the Dorsal Motor NUcleus of 10 carry and where is it located?
motor for thoracic and abdominal viscera, located in the medulla
What is the parasympathetic for 7 and what relationship does it hold with CN 5?
Superior Salivary, produces tears when poked in the eye
What is the parasympathetic for 9 and what is its relationship with 5?
Inferior Salivatory, produces saliva upon contact with mouth
What relationship does the Parasympathetics of 10 have with CN5?
Feeling the wrong texture in the oral cavity can produce vomiting
What is the somatic sensory portion of 7?
external ear sensation
What are the 4 locations of nuclei containing info for CN9?
Spinal Nucleus of 5, Nucleus Solitarius, Inferioor Salivatory Nucleus, Nucleus Ambiguous
What is the somatic motor portion of 10 deal with and where is the nucleus for this?
swallowing, nucleus ambiguous
What does the lateral portion of the anterior horn generally control?
Distal muscles
What does the medial portion of the anterior horn control?
Proximal or axial muscles
What does the antero-median portion of the anterior horn control?
What does the posterior portion of the anterior horn control?
What type of stain would be used to stain an acidic compound?
Nissl Stain
What type of stain would be used to stain structural elements?
Silver Stain
What is the name for the fibers, dendrites, and glia found between neuronal cell bodies?
What produces myelin in the CNS (has few projections)?
Which cells serve as scavengers and arise from monocytes?
What cells line ventricles and central canal and contribute to choroid plexus?
What do Ependymal Cells produce?
What condition presents with posturing of flexion as in the picture?
What conditino presents with posturing of extensors as in the picture?
Name the posture:
Name the posture: