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Ia sensory fibers
primary ending of spindle, large and myelinated, rapidly adapting, provides velocity sensitivity or movement sense
IIa sensory fibers
myelinated, but smaller, conduct slower, slow adapting, provide static sensitivity or position sense
How do Ia sensory fibers respond to intrafusal stretching
respond to dynamic component of stretching
How do IIa sensory fibers respond to intrafusal stretching
respond continuously although at different rates
Intrafusal fibers receive efferent input from...
gamma motor neurons
Golgi tendon organ
is in series with muscle, senses information about the tension
Muscle spindle
in parallel with the muscle, detects length/position
What is the simplest spinal reflex
monosynaptic stretch reflex
Describe stretch reflex
group Ia fibers are activated by muscle stretch, they directly stimulate alpha motor neurons that innervate extrafusal fibers of the same muscle, accomplished by Ia inhibitory interneuron