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what Broadmann area(s) is/are found in the precentral gyrus?
4 and 6
1. what does Broadmann area 4 do?
2. Where is it?
1. (also called M1)
-simple contralateral motion
2. Precentral gyrus
1. What does Broadmann area 6 do?
2. Where is it?
1. stimulus and complex movements
-supplementary motor in medial aspect controls muscle tone, coordination, initializing motion (M2)
-Precentral gyrus
What Broadmann area is in the middle frontal gyrus?

What does it do?

coordinates eye movement to the contralateral direction. REM.
Where is Broadmann area 8?
What does it do?
Injury causes what?
-middle frontal gyrus
-contralateral eye movement and REM
-both eyes move towards the injured side
Which areas are in the prefrontal cortex?
9, 10, 11, 12
Which Brodmann area(s) is/are the broca area?

Where is it?
what is it?
44, 45

-inferior frontal gyrus, opercular and triangular parts
-motor speech
Where are Broadmann areas 44, 45 located?
What do they do?
what does lesion cause?
-opercular and triangular parts of inferior frontal gyrus
-broca area for motor speech
-motor aphasia- understanding but no writing/speaking
What broadmann area is in the opercular/triangular parts of the inferior frontal gyrus?
Broca's area- 44,45
What Brodmann areas are in the superior temporal gyrus?
HESCHL gyruses: 41,42
where are brodmann areas 41, 42 and what do they do?
in the superior temporal gyrus (Heschl gyruses)
-analyzing sound: where it comes from and distance
What Brodmann area is the Wernicke area?

What does it do?
Where is it?
-speech recognition, and interpretation of words
-superior temporal and middle temporal gyrus
(p.s. damaged in Alzheimers)
In what hemisphere is the Wernicke area (22) more dominant?
left hemisphere
Why is it important that Wernicke's area (22) overlaps 21?
Broadman 21, the middle temporal gyrus, is responsible for visual recognition.
Damage leads to visual agnosia.
Which Brodmann area is in the middle of the inferior temporal gyrus?

What does it do?
Brodmann area 20.

-processes complex visual input, like faces
What is Brodmann area 20 and where is it?

-it's in the inferior temporal gyrus and it processes complex visual input.
-visual agnosia, no face recognition, maybe long term memory, attention disorder
what do 20, 21, 22 have in common? And what does a temporal lobe lesion do?
They involve memory, speech, emtions. So injury can lead to problems expressing emotion.
Which Brodmann areas are in the post-central gyrus and what do they do?
3, 1, 2. Somatosensory cortex for touch, temperature, and pain.
Which Brodmann areas are the senosry cortex?
Where are they?
3, 1, 2, in the postcentral gyrus.
Lesion leads to sensation problems, temperature insensitivity, inability to find body parts.
Which Broadmann areas are on the superior parietal lobule?
What do they do?
5, 7. Interpretation of senses and movement planning (ie catching a ball)
Where are areas 5, 7?
What do they do?
Superior parietal lobes, planning movements, trouble knowing what to do with objects or recognize it by touch. Or neglect of opposite sides of objects. (Left world syndrome if non-dominant hemisphere is damaged)
Which Brodmann areas are in the angular and supramarginal gryruses?
Lesion causes?
39, 40
Injury to dominant one --> Gerstman syndrome (finger agnosis, agraphia, acalculia, left-right disorientation)
What is Gerstman syndrome?
Damage to the angular gyrus (Broadman 39)
Leads to finger agnosis, agraphia, acalculia, right left disorientation
Where are the visual areas? What are they?
Occipital lobe!, 17, 18, 19
Which broadmann area is the primary visual area?

Area 17.
Lesion leads to homonymous hemianopsia.
Which Broadmann areas are the secondary visual areas?
visual memory problems- trouble identifying what they see.
What does it link:

Superior longitudinal fasciculus
frontal and occipital lobes
What does it link?
inferior longitudinal fasciculus
occipital and temporal lobes
what does it link?

arcuate fasciculus
frontal lobe with occipitotemporal cortex
What does it link?

uncinate fasciculus
frontal and anterior temporal lobes
what does it link?

anterior commissure
Anterior temporal lobes
olfactory tracts
Where are they?

Posterior commissue and habenular commissure
right in front of pineal gland
what system are the superior colliculi part of?
visual system
what system are the inferior colliculi part of?
auditory system
what nerve emerges from just below the inferior colliculus?
trochlear nerve (IV)
which nerve comes from between the pyramid and olive of the medulla oblongata?
hypoglossal nerve (XII)
Which nerves emerge from between the olive and inferior cerbellar peduncle?
IX, X, XIc