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How many pairs of spinal nerves does a dog have?
Spinal nerves are the nerves that leave or enter the spinal cord.
A dog usually has 36 pairs of spinal nerves
How many pairs of spinal nerves in a dog are asociated with each section of the cord?
Cranial spinal nerves: 8pairs (C1-C8)

Thoracic spinal nerves : 13pairs (T1-T13)

Lumbar spinal nerves: 7 paris (L1-L7)

Sacral spinal nerves: 3 pairs (S1-S3)

Caudal spinal nerves: 5 pairs (Ca1-Ca5)
Write short notes on the anatomy of a typical spinal nerve
Dorsal root (with spinal ganglia) & ventral root fuse at the level of the intervertebral foramen to foram the short proper spinal nerve which quickly divides into the dorsal (supplying the epaxial muscle & skin) and ventral branches (supplying the hypaxial mm & skin). In thoracic & craninal lumbar regions, there are ramus communicans which connects the ventral branch of the spinal nerve with the sympathetic trunk)
What is the difference between autonomous zone and cutaneous zone?
Cutaneous zone is an area of skin innervated by one peripheral nerve - there is often considerable overlap of adjacent cutaneous zones
Autonomous zone is innervated by only one peripheral nerve
What are the autonomous zomes of the canine forepaw?
dorsal:skin over digits Ⅲ & Ⅳ for radial nerve
palmer: skin over digits Ⅱ & Ⅲ for median nerve
lateral: skin over abaxial digit Ⅴ for ulnar nerve
What are the autonomous zomes of the canine hindpaw?
dorsal:skin over digits 2, 3, & 4 for peroneal nerve
plantar: skin over digits 2 & 3 for tibial n
medial: skin of medial leg for saphenous
What spinal nerves contribute to brachial plexus?
(C5), C6, C7, C8, T1 (T2)
Brachal plexus=the mixed bundle of nerves, derived from the ventral branches of some cervical & thoracic spinal nerves, & innervating the thoracic limb
What spinal nerves contribute to the lumbosacral plexus?
the lumbosacral plexus arises from the ventral branches of the caudal lumbar and the sacral nerves
What clinical signs would you expect to see if the following nerves were damaged?
a) radial nerve
b) obturator nerve
c) femoral nerve
a)No response when touch dorsal part of skin over digits 3&4.


c)No response to stimulus to proximal medial thigh
What nerves are associated with the pharynx and larynx?
Pharynx: sensory-Ⅸ
musculature-Ⅸ & Ⅹ
Larynx: sensory-Ⅹ & ⅩⅠ
musculature-Ⅹ & ⅩⅠ
What three nerves come off the brain stem together and may be involved in one lesion because of their proximity to each other?
What nerves carry the following sensory information into the CNS?
b)balance & hearing
a) CNⅡ (Optic n)
b) CNⅧ (Vestibulocochlear)
c) CNⅠ (Olfactory n)
What branch(es) of the trigeminal nerve supply motor innervation to the muscles of mastication?
Mandibular branch
(other two branches; ophthalmic & maxillary are purely sensory)
What branch(es) of the trigeminal nerve supply facial sensation?
What is the main function of cranial nerve Ⅶ?
=Facial n

-Taste on rostral 2/3 of tongue
-Motor to muscles of facial expression
-Parasympathetic to mandibular, sublingual, palatine, nasal, lacrimal glands
Which cranial nerve supplies the muscles of the tongue?
CNⅩⅡ (hypoglossal n)

*Taste on tongue: CNⅦ,Ⅸ&Ⅹ
What does the spinal accessory nerve supply?
motor to trapezius and brachiocephalicus muscles
Which nerve provides the efferent arm of the pupillary light reflex?
CNⅢ (oculomotor)
Which three cranial nerves are purely sensory?